Is there a good place to sell gems?

I’m level 30 or so but still feel like such a noob. Is there a good place to sell gems (amethyst and emeralds)? Spent like an hour running around looking at request baskets but all of them were used up.


Buying for 90c in Black Light. Head to PS Biitula, right outside the left of Castle Black you’ll see “Lyrical’s Mini-Market”

It’s not a super-competitive price, but hey, putting it out there.

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This is just it, when your baskets have coin in, you are always super competitive :grin::+1:


I usually buy most for 150, topaz/diamond for 100… but every time i turn around someone has cleaned em out so you gotta be pretty quick. If your usually online this time they usually have 10-20k coin for each type.

DBX Superstore - portals in:

  • PS hub bitula - first floor east side
  • Ultima hub - green/lower floor, right under
  • krafters entrance (sign says hootville)
  • Legendary hub tana vii
  • have an outlet with a portal in gyosha mall
  • And about 10 other portals in all the cool settlements on US east planets (available spots at the hub if you wanna be cool too!)

I’ve been buying them for 140c each in my shop, the coil king.
South side of the Grovidias Te PS hub. first floor (which you can access from the PS hub portal on Ultima on Finata).

Two baskets, just restocked each with 250,000c

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What are you planning to do with the money you earn? Maybe i can help you skip a step. :stuck_out_tongue:

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i’m always buying gems at simply sym’s on ultima hq.
I buy them all for 214 except diamonds which are lower.
My baskets do empty quick though, i usually fill about 20k in the basket and another 20k later in the evening.

But like i say if you come and baskets are empty, it’s just a matter of checking later.

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At The Coin Forge in Gyosha Mall I am currently buying all gems for 125c for now, add coin a few times a week but I’ll be teaming up with a big builder later this week so should have a good bit more coin after that. Trying to figure out what a good price should be, was buying for more but struggled to keep up.

I’m buying all gems for 100c each in the Thraxxia Market. Not too much coin in there now but I can add more if needed.

Easiest way to get there is Ultima US East hub, Tana VII, Thraxxia.

with massive influx of gems recently i have dropped down to around 125

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