Is there a settings file that I can use to make my mouse sensitivity lower?

If not, please could lower options, or exact control over my mouse settings be added. At the moment, even 1 is too high sensitivity for me.

You could always lower the dpi on your mouse, if you’re on windows.

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I figured it out, had to go into steamapps\common\Boundless\user_settings\Combatman12\gameoptions.json and change the mouse sensitivity then restart the game.


What number did you need to change it to for it to be ok for you?
Also what dpi is your mouse?

0.05 at 5000 dpi with the third mouse sensitivity on windows with mouse acceleration off - The settings file accepts being changed manually but changes the value to something very specific when the game opens, in this case 0.5 changed to 0.05000000074505806.

Thanks, added a note on the dpi support bug about this.