Is there a way to edit the locations menu

Is there a way to delete locations in the places menu? Thanx!

Yes, just not while interacting with the portal

While not interacting with a portal, open the character menu, then choose places, then the locations tab. In this view you can go to each one and it has options to rename or delete.

Wish I could just delete all saved locations lol. Would be awesome to do that. I only use the location spot for exos now.

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Thanx! Seeing that.


I am just happy the Exo ones vanish when the Exo does… I make 10-15 per Exo usually so it fills up fast if we have more than a couple of Exos running at once. I have gotten the locations list is full message more than a few times.


Hey! What was the name of that diamond hammer u gave me last night?

Haha, soooo much this! :smiley: I think there have been times I’ve been 20+ for an exo. I sometimes have to delete some of my permanent ones on my PS4 main to make room!

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