Is there a way to make your crops you plant grow faster

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any way to make em grow faster?

Yes, ideal growing conditions. Then spray with fertiliser. Oortian mulch or high octane cultivator are the 2 fertilisers in game. Probably not worth the expense though, unless you are farming inorganics like goo and kindling mass.

do crops have to be in sunlight to grow or can I grow them underground?

Can be grown underground if you use gleam to brighten the area.

ok so gleam underground gotcha thanks for the help just curious if I gleam the whole ceiling or just enough blocks to brighten the area

For inorganic, one gleam each 4 or 5 blocks is enough. I would assume organics are the same but don’t grow them underground to know the spacing required. Test it out, when you see the growth time no longer at the best possible amount, you’ll know to space gleam closer together.

ok cool beans thanx

No probs. :laughing: