Is there a way to see a larger beacon/plot map?

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Is there a way to see a larger beacon/plot map like the one you can see when you enter the builder mode? I would like to see much more of the settlement at once for planning.

There’s not, unfortunately. Unless there is a mod for this on PC?

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The closest you can get is to put a warp augment into an atlas.
It will light up the areas that are plotted.

Not as helpful as a zoomable map but it’s there

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What planet are you on?

There is a way to view the builder mode visualization in the debug menu but unfortunately it doesn’t give you any more range than what’s already available.

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Storis II for this particular plan.

Besides the debug menu & the atlas, the world map might help a little:
Storis is map #41 in the drop down menu.
Use “b” to hide/show the compactness overlay and + or - to zoom in and out


That’s beautiful, thank you.