Is there any Titan concept art? Please share links!

Is there any concept art for Titans? I thought there was but I can’t find any of it now. Please post links to the Titan concept art if there is any.


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Thats old, but that’s no longer the general concept for Titans.

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Yeah I know but there is not much out there. skip ahead to 1:30 for a glimpse at the revised titans- a flying sentient dungeon/raid boss

Granted, even this is an out of date concept… True titans are being developed in the shadows… Even the likes of myself have no idea how they appear now… It’s a closely guarded secret!


I did see that also. Slight change from what I had. :wink:

Woah. Some of those are creepy af. Especially 2 and 6. And check out the crazy fingers on 3.
Kinda glad the concept has changed a bit.

I am still very curious how Titans are going to be implemented. They are pretty much going to be what will be the go to piece of content to bring me back to the game. Farming is another piece of content that will be released soon that should spark my interest a little bit.

I might be on a hiatus from the game, but I still keep an eye on things. It’s good to avoid burn out.


From the website.


That looks like wakfu…

Thanks everyone! Yeah the one from the website was the only one I had seen, I thought there would be more. Thanks, I needed something to go by so I could build one, this will have to do!