Is there any way to save your builds yet?

I’ve been renewing my sub…but I’m not playing. I don’t want to lose the massive amount of work, but I can’t keep shelling out money if I’m not playing.

Do we have a solution for this yet?

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Nope. No solution yet.

All I can suggest is if you got any friends you can allign your beacon to a guild so they can fuel it even without having any other prems in your beacon.

Oh, and keep all your storage stuff on your characters so its impossible to loose them.


Allowing beacons to last for ever would eventually crowd planets with ghost places so I doubt that there will be something to keep beacons forever on the live universe.

But maybe some day you will be able to pack your build and save it in your PC if local servers ever happen.

I suggest If people buy gleam club longer than half year or one year their beacon no longer need to fuel.
Half year or one year already a big amount of money I think. Mostly MMORPG if you quit you will still keep everything including the character level …etc.
This is good for attracting return players. In Boundless if we stop fueling the beacon or stop paying gleam club we will lose 95% of items. Only your characters will stay which is kind of impossible for players to return unless they want to start from 5% of work again.

If you guys consider it as pay 2 win, then the other solution is beacon stay more than half year or 1 year continue fueling then it will remain forever. I think people who play this game longer than half year or one year should already be consider as loyal members lol.

Especially its already long time we haven’t get any new contents since farm update, I think its fair to stop asking us pay something to keep every hard work in game :sob:

You can’t compare this to a traditional MMO. It’s comparing apples to oranges. Sure they’re both fruits, but they’re still very different.

In a traditional MMO, it is much easier to retain character data. The characters are not taking up physical space in the world. There is almost no downside to retaining their data for years.

This point keeps being brought up but it’s baseless. This is a completely different situation.


Look at pheno it’s a Ghost planet lol

I had a friend that needed a long break so they made the extended fuel and I just helped keep it up and running for a while… That way you only touch ever few months.

I understand what you want to point out, and I know its different too.
But I mean this is good for attracting more players return.

How I feel now is more like I have been waiting for long time for the new contents and paid the gleam club for long time But every time I return to the game, I feel everything still very similar as the patch I left lol. ( we get a lot of new blocks which I really like it)

I don’t mind to keep paying them for this, but it will be nice if they can give us some features even auto payment will work, at least I won’t forget to refuel the gleam club :grinning:

Yall need to stop calling boundless a mmo, there isnt anything massive about a 100 player server the simple fact is you can open portals between servers at specific locations.

This is almost exactly the same as if i was running dayz servers connected to the same hive.

Also on ANY minecraft server out there unless you are a donor you build will get deleted if you stop playing…

You should basically consider gleam club the same as donor status on a minecraft server…


My point of view if you want to keep it.

Srr but should stay by these two options.

  • Gleamclub
  • manually fuel

If you don’t want to do that.

  • There is a song my cousins kept singing…
    let it go by Elsa
  • Sell it or rip it all out and sell it.
  • Rip it all out and keep in inventory.
  • give rights to guild or friend to keep fueled or do as they please.

If im quitting. Ill re plot everything for a price/free with someone don’t know jet.

Do think if i know for sure that im done and don’t comeback. Everything will be up for grabs.

There is no point in keeping my work alive if I completely quit.


There’s also a few people who have storage locations set up that are active GC members and known members of the community.

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I would think the best solution would be a ‘blueprint’ system.

You wouldn’t keep your build physically, but you’d get to select it plot by plot and save its design so you can rebuild it quickly later in case you forgot to refuel, as long as you have the mats.
Something like that.

Builds wouldn’t take space infinitely, which preserves the base concept of the world-regen and beacon fuel, but you would also greatly reduce the risks caused by loosing stuff upon accidental fuelling-mishaps.

I have read other posts in the past that says if your beacon expires all you stuff goes into a sort of storage. Perhaps in the Sanctum. That way your stuff would be safe but you would have to rebuild. I know some people might have a ton of stuff so there might have to be some limit to storage but how big I have no idea (but something massive). Also if your stuff goes into storage you should have something in a menu you could choose which items go in first. That way you don’t have tons of worthless rocks and no coils or marble. Perhaps you could pay for the size of storage like GC (just throwing that out there).

Then the blueprint system so you could rebuild what you had.

Those 2 items together would be the best way to solve this I think. How easy to implement them I have no idea.

I can’t seeing anything moving into the sanctum. BUT, can attach to your character data. Like with in a beacon after you set it.

What you are suggesting is exactly what should happen, and it should have been done a long freaking time ago.

Can you even fuel all your beacons from one yet? If not, beacon fuel is not good enough. I have around 50 beacons. It would be a full game just gathering the mats or coin to get enough fuel.

Just let me save my build and drop it somewhere else. I’d even gladly re-buy gleam club at the time if need be.

But I have hundreds of hours onto this.

Ugh, frustrating. Fix it, already. We’ve been upset by this since launch…

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I dont think the game needs a blueprint system, but wouldnt oppose a system saving beacon contents upon regeneration, as long as you cant instantly replot an old base.

There is a reason for the current systems limitations and i appreciate that.

The game should cater to active players ahead of people on month long breaks. GC is there for the latter.