Is there gleam on Tentaar'oon?


I have some of the gleam from the other 2 exos, just wondering if anyone has found any on Tentaar’oon, and if so what colour is it?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I didn’t find any


Same here… Had a good look but nothing


I couldn’t find any either. Over 20 regions discovered


I did the atlas and I did not see gleam


Too bad…
But, thanks for the replies!


None that i could find and u REALLY looked.


Gleam doesn’t show in atlas, does it? It’s a block, not resource.
Unless there was a change I missed.


if it’s me you were answering … what i wanted to say is that i traveled the planet @boundmore


There definitely was some. I saw screenshots.
The colour was like a light teal or turquoise. Not sure the exact name.

You should be able to regen bomb it if you can find a spot that looks like there was some


If yo mean Crisp teal, it is on Gotho. But if it’s on Tentarr’oon, could you be able to refind this screenshot ?


Getting the existing confused, but if it’s the first one that showed up , it had vivid moss or something , have some for sale at one love portal top floor mentor meet , crypt hub and PS finata
Existing= exos


I can see what you meant now. Sorry I didn’t get it first.


Ah you’re right i was thinking of gotho. And I think you were the one that posted the screenshot of tentagleam :joy: there were like 3 pieces in a mountain in the distance.


I have seen none on tenta. Probably not me! it`s probably the lightng of the planet that makes the teal blocks looking like gleams.


Ohh thats prolly what it was.