Is there no way to choose resources when making a sovereign world?

I bought a T6 planet and got stuck with 65% soft coal and the rest of the resources are stupid low. I’m pretty upset with this. I see nothing for resource allocation anywhere. Did I do something wrong? WTF… I’m about to ask for a refund.

What type of T6 is it? Resources will depend on the biomes you picked, and probably RNG, too.

Its based on biome selection. @bucfanpaka has posted quite a bit on the subject…

I was trying to find the thread where she explains the different set ups for gems and such for you, but she has posted a lot on the subject

But you can somewhat control resources through proper biome selection. Getting duds still happens though, so your best bet is to start out month to month.
Don’t apply fuel until you’ve rolled one you like (and if @Turrican2006 is still doing it, you can ask him to test your new sovereign to see just how rich it really is as concentration can be better than high %)

World builds thread
Here’s some good info


Sov worlds are a pay to win feature in my opinion, but the only one winning or benefitting from them are the people that created the scheme in the first place. :joy: WHERE IS THE MAP, that tells your what each biome provides as a guarantee roll.

There’s no difference between gambling games and these rubbish sov worlds

RNG makes this game trash. Just like the farming. I planted one of those sentinel seeds. It says 4 weeks, it was dead in a week, with fertlizer. Like wtf. RNG ruins this game. Here I pay for a planet, I choose a T6 to get good resources and I get 65% soft coal. That’s T1 planet trash. Unbelievable and the devs ignore my email…

Gee I wonder why nobody sticks around.

If everyone would get what they want wouldnt that be a bit too easy?

If you could choose your resources that would be alrdy game breaking. I mean ye i would like To get planet with 99% of emerald. Sounds silly right?

As said what kind resources you get depends on athmo and tier.

But ye… thats ruff luck For sure if thats seriously 65% soft coal on t6.


I’m not a huge fan of RNG either, but I think the reason you can’t just select your resources is to make it so that you can’t just buy a planet with 100% diamonds. It’s understandable that there needs to be an element of random selection to avoid killing the economy entirely.


In my opinion, the only way that sovs could have actually been “fair” or not “lootbox-like” is if it wasn’t possible for them to have resources at all, but I don’t think that would be very fun generally.

There are public T6 worlds available that have good numbers for gems since some high rollers (read: Paka) have already spent the cash to figure out how to generate better worlds and then roll enough times to get good keepers.


I think “back in the day” it was said that private planets would actually not have any gems on them, and than that was contested as well.
The system is pure gambling for sure, but also it’s not finished, hopefully at some point they will start working on it.

For now, be glad we have @bucfanpaka. :slight_smile:

PS: I ended up with 3 6km planets, and only use one so I can understand the frustration

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Ye i remember that…

If you ask me im not rly fan of sovereigns.

In EA we had under 100 players… Some point like 20 and we all had fun just cause we had low amount of planets so it didnt Feel completely empty

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Going to guess this planet might have been a toxic, or just by bad luck ended up with a ton of deep water and ruinous biomes like Trench? When rentals first became available I wanted to first have a good toxic emerald planet… but eventually realized a pure deep water emerald build is bad for about everything else. Pure emerald mining areas seem to be pretty bare of about everything else and lots of lava. They get a high soft coal count but little else other than the emeralds. A deep water world that isn’t Toxic or Corrosive would probably be completely useless.

Yep, this! Certain resources you can guarantee you’ll get an ok count with certain biomes, but even then, RNG is HUGE. The size of biomes really varies, and biomes also merge with each other altering results.

Easiest are Diamonds and Topaz, if you take Olympus at lv 8 alone you should get at least one good mining spot out of it. They rely on high elevations so easy to get a lot of that. Sapphires too, though they rely on mid-high - 90-140 or so. Maze at lv 5 is a glacier biome that gives a great, level sapphire area, plus Stardrops, for a chill world. That is one biome though where RNG gives really different amounts and shapes of the biome.

Toughest is Rubies. Might be a safer bet to transform diamonds. But Graveyard at lv 5 and Ancient Village at lv 7 give good spots for them.

Most profitable appears to be Corrosive worlds, they can give a great emerald count too in addition to the primary amethyst. Amethyst mining on a T6 gets a lot of fossils, plus silver and gold. For emerald, find overlap areas with amethyst on hotspot, or just transform the amethysts.

All that said, % isn’t a great indicator of how good the world is. Have to check out the hotspots. One or two really big hotspots IMO beats a higher count spread around in smaller pockets everywhere.


Thanks for the feedback. It seems you’ve built a few planets lol.

I doubt I will ever get another planet at this point as the lack of replies from the devs is a huge turn off. They completely ignored me as a customer and that’s not acceptable to me. Plus I can’t believe how stingy they are with colors. I mean they abandoned the game and left it with very little to do. You can only hunt meteors so many times before it’s sickening. The only thing there is left is to build stuff and you can’t even get the colors you want. White? One of the most basic colors is locked away why? I’m really turned off by this game right now. I needed this T6 to be decent for me to keep playing. Now I’m just ranting. I’ll stop…

Thanks all for the replies.

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Also the atmosphere matters what or if resources spawn like the spotted fungus for example or stardrop plants



Have created all in all 36 Planets, 15 are gone, 21 aktive with Portal and Gleamstation, some Private.
I wish we can select the Biomes better, or Re-Terraform one Area new, up you like the Areas created, than Finalize the Planet and the Fun beginns ; )
Have a T6 Planet, Helix Nexus, Diamond 0,19%, Ruby 0.18%, but Copper 43% and Iron 35%, Copper is on Atlas one big Hopspot all over the Planet, but very low Gems.
Would be in favor of having more control over the creation of the Planets.
RNG is not really my Friend ; )

Helmut (Tarah)


dang, you pay for 21 planets?

I bought another one today and got almost the exact same resources and that was with getting rid of rivers and trying new things. RNG is trash

That some pile of Cash you put into.