Is this expected behaviour with crop grow times?

I am just testing out growing rice with flowing water, and wondered if the following was by design?

Just to make it easier to understand (pics a bit dark), I have 2 rows of sloped compact clay, joined so they make a seamless slope. Crops planted 4 wide. Above the centre 2 crops and one behind I have placed water. The bottom row of crops has an unchiselled row of blocks in front.

The bottom row of crops has double the growth time, as does the 2 crops under and in front of the source blocks. The only crops to get best grow time (11hrs) are the ones on the top right and left, not having a water source behind and above (like the centre 2).

I know it’s a little hard to picture, and the screenshots are kinda dark, but I would have expected them all to be 11 hours as they are all in ‘flowing’ water, if the visuals are to be believed.

I guess you could argue the bottom row is not flowing as it ends in a channel, but then the image is wrong.

But the top 2 centre crop I don’t understand why they are not classed as flowing. They are not directly under source, or have a source in same block, water runs freely to the next part of the slope.

If the water is too deep, you get a growth time penalty. I think it was ok from 2 block away from the source, and it seems that slopes are considered deep water at the bottom if I understood your design correctly?

I think so.

Changed it a little. Moved source block back 1, which now works for the top row.

I also made the slope go one lower (1 below and in front of bottom row of crops). But the whole second row down is at 22 hours, even though the water settles a block below.

Edit: I tried making the slope 3 high, and only the top row comes down to 11 hours, next 2 are 22 hours, even though water is only flowing down the slope and settling much further down.

Ok so slopes are considered deep water, only top of the slope is shallow enough.

Looks like it