It begins! I am going to win this race!

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Hi! Hope you’re having a great day my fellow Oortians! It’s a bit gloomy here, so I found some Royalty free music on the Youtube to stream my Race too. Boundless and Chill?
If you’re looking for some background noise/vid look no further, I am Here :smiley:

Pt 1.5 started

If anybody would prefer to hear my scratchy voice explaining what’s going on feel free to let me know.

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Well, when the weather is not good, the internet isn’t either. I shall return with a pt 1.5 after lunch :thinking:

Edit: After 3+ hours I have crafted Iron Hammers and reached lv 10. Next time I will be attempting to mine up some ancient components and craft the remaining Machines and spark gens. Until then!