It’s Time - New & Improved M.M

I’m super excited to announce the reopening of Meteor Meet, designed and built by @Primetime18

I will be hosting a hunt today at
5pm GMT+1
12pm EST
the hunt will take place in Circarpous

In order to get there for the hunt or open a portal there prior to the hunt you will need to head to fantasy hub or fantasy tree - can be accessible from hunt hive, Phoenix rising, legendville hub, tnt hub.

Portal tokens on stands for 500c each - first come first serve however must be opened within 24 hours.

& here’s a photo of the new meteor meet


Hope you have a great hunt today buddy. Can’t wait to see the meteor meet looks amazing in the pic. Happy you are back my friend.


Looks amazing, “daddy” jacey :wink: haha

Noooo I’m not home right now save me a good spot :slight_smile:

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10 char

Will a 2x3 portal reach to tana?

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Yes that reaches

Hunt called off, 2 people showed up :clap:t3:

Noooooo lol

If you hold one later on today I’ll come :slight_smile: Even though I’m terrible at hunting


I could also join in, but a bit later in the day :+1:

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Not on till later tonight… would of showed up!

Going to host one tomorrow instead same time as usual :slight_smile:


People don’t know yet you’re back BUT I also have to say the thing I did before, the time is soooooo not handy for me.

5pm UK time is 6pm my time which is dinner time, eating earlier is not really an option, afterwards means after 8pm which is too late (for me anyway)…

Plus lately there’s something else going on between 18:00 - 20:30 where I have no idea if I can even be there which makes it difficult for me then as well. But that will be temporary, hopefully very much so, but that is doubtful…

Anyway, wouldn’t 7pm UK time be better? or even 6pm? I even would prefer 8, lol, but that’s just me… Perhaps a poll???

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Aenea needs to get that 5:30 pm early bird dinner special :wink:

Do they have early bird dinner promotions in europe? Or is that a USA thing.

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Mine would either be 5pm or 8pm but I did this before and more people could attend 5pm (my time)

@Primetime18 you did an absolutely amazing job. What you did to the atmosphere, and I’m not gonnA say what it is because people need to see it is above and beyond. @JaceyLive trust me when I say it’s a good thing you didn’t choose me to revamp because I can’t even come close to what he did for you.


I’m hoping to be there :pray:


Me too, i’ll be there if there’s one at 5 today :slight_smile:

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Yes no spoilers but seriously check it out guys
Pic doesn’t do it justice I don’t know how nobody has done that idea yet I jelly AF


I stared at it for like 30 min, literally the coolest idea I’ve seen. I’m not going to lie, I’m so stealing this idea.

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