Item Statistics

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Stemming from this comment… Release 186 - Report issues here

Do you think we could implement, at least for raw materials, some statistics when right clicking the item? Some valuable stats could be: what the planet of origin is from which this item came (seems to already be data available but not displayed) and the ‘strength’ of the item (since items of different strengths wont stack, and different strength items take more strikes).

Right now, when I have two items that are called the same thing, that have the same color, and show the same picture, but won’t stack with one another… to me that looks like a bug. Having some helpful indicators to help speed this process up would be preferable.

I am sure there are other such stats that people would like to know about items (like maybe the crafter of the item for crafted items, or the remaining durability in numeric or percentage form). If anyone else has a similar suggestion, I encourage you to add it here.



in case of place-able blocks their durability change and adopts to the world they are placed on, so info on what world items come from is enough I guess

Yeah that makes sense. I noticed that too.

I really really enjoy the suggestion of knowing the name of the person that crafted the item. Would help a lot in community building, I often buy from the same shops and I would love to know who’s actively refilling them in order to get in contact or maybe request special orders from them.

I know I can see the owner of the stand on The actual plinth block, but say he gets his stuff from someone else and sells them back with a profit it would prompt me to go out and find the original seller/source of the item (similar to a treasure hunt, and also deepening the economic ties between everyone in the community)

On a very very subjective and maybe unimportant note and maybe something that would ruin everything so take this lightly, the cost of going through portals. Being able to go to anywhere in a instant makes it harder to create local life. If every time I go through a portal I have to pay something, it would encourage me to search shops locally before travelling to other places and thus encourage my neighbor to set up and maintain a shop. We have all these villages, but most are barren because we mostly go to the same places to buy our stuff. This is also unfriendly for new players as it is very hard to attract customers even local ones into your shop.

To sum it up, someone very successfull sells hammers two planets away for 50c. It costs 100c to travel there and back through community portals.

My neighbor decides to go there and back because he can’t find any in our settlement. He buys 10 of them and sells them locally for a profit say 65c in order to pay for his travel fees and keeps one to himself to actually use. Now if I need just one hammer, it will be cost effective for me to buy it from him instead of the original buyer.

But say I need 11 hammers myself, knowing the shop location and or name of the person that crafted it, I can set out among the stars the find his shop and come back with more stuff to encourage our local shop.

This would also encourage people to build more specialized settlements; in a ore heavy planet there would be ore markets and in every village an ore market and etc for different planets.

Because if I need everything special from every planet it’s too costly to go to every planet in portal costs then to just buy them from the differents shops in my local town.

On another note, there could be a skill that reduces portal fees just like there is one to reduce taxes. That way someone could specialize in a trader profession.

Or even import/exporter someone that makes money out of travelling the different planets and settlements and buying cheap and selling high.

If you have’nt noticed, I am very exited for this game :smiley: (sorry for the spelling and formulation, I write the ideas as they come and this is a reply/ not a formal post so am a bit lazy)

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This could break the sellers experience, since you could get whatever you get from the seller for cheaper from the guy who provides for the seller.


It would possibly be too hard for the sellers in that case; unless travel fees were substantial enough to disencourage that behaviour too often. But It could also regulate prices. Shops buying for 1x and selling 3x back would have to be more competitive to survive

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