Item suggestions 1.0

I’d like to create a topic for good item suggestions which can be handy or just cool to see ingame and maybe worth to consider in 1.0

For myself I would like to have following items:

  • a diving suit (or helmet) to last longer under water
  • flash lights for under water expeditions (fire torches under water bother me somehow…)
  • pair of fins to move faster under water
  • snow boots (to not slip on icy mountains and run faster on ice)
  • sight glas would be nice to see (at daylight) if you can spy nice ressources / monsters / enemies in distance

Gem torches are already available for this one


I think this would be glorious.

this would be fun, but I feel just better water movement response would be better. I feel like a minuscule tap of the key while swimming up water is enough to move you like 2c. And if you are swimming up a cave, this could mean death.

I feel like water movement is fast enough. You can “run” while swimming and you actually move rather quickly, just gotta control it properly cause once you surface it stops and obviously if you touch the floor it stops.


For the fins, don’t forget you can grapple.

true maybe we should wait this

at the moment you maximum move through small lakes. speed is less important. but i am anyway talking about underwater moving. exploring big underwater caves, maybe find rare ressources on it’s walls.

also just usable in small lakes in which grapple distance is enough.

No more own useful item ideas? :smiley:

Bucketd we need BUCKETS!!!

the perfect example for some sight glass… What ressources might that be, worth to climb there?

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we definitely need rocket launchers!


Yeah definitely need this to help me when polishing the underwater part of my boat-beacon !

That could be really useful for me as well

I’d like to see something like a laser-pointer (either a as standalone tool or as weapon mod) to ease the communication with other players.
So instead of writing “See that big tree behind the three smaller ones next to the boulder in front of the lake? Go there and check for gems while I look over here” or “You take care of that Hopper slightly to the left behind the other two while I try to kite the other ones towards that boulder on the hill behind the tree…

You can just type
Go where I’m pointing at” or “Kill what I’m pointing at” etc.

Sounds tremendously helpful (probably especially for PlayStation users)

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