Items disappearing (into wall?) after death

I just died, went to the point where I died and found only about 1/4 of my inventory. I assumed my Items could be scattered around. But I couldn’t find anything.
I died close to a wall. Could it be that some of my items glitched into the wall? I think I had a death like that before (could have been in Minecraft so I’m not sure^^).
Or what happened there? 0.o I lost my lava source block so it’s a little bit unfortunate.

Unless things have changed (haven’t played much recently), lava/water blocks can only be given at the moment, they don’t drop/can’t be picked up normally.

As for the rest of the blocks, maybe they glitched, or is it possible someone picked them up?

They can be dropped and picked up again. That’s also how the devs give them to us^^
I got the waterblock back. Just lava and 3/4 of my inventory not.
Nobody was on the server except for me.

I stand corrected :slight_smile:

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I drowned in the water and only found about half my inventory :\

did you drown near a wall?^^ or do you have another theorie?

Nothing but water in a 10 block radius. I did put some blocks in the crafting slots as storage space though. Maybe it didn’t count those on death. Then again I lost the shovel that I placed in my inventory…

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