Items/tools disappearing from hand/radial display


I just had the item in my hand disappear again

I opened up my storage wall and shift-clicked a (402) stack of logs into storage from my inventory and the stack of hammers in my hand disappeared. I shift-clicked some foliage after as well.

I know for sure I didn’t have the logs equipped, which in that case this is exactly what I would have expected, but I had my hammer equipped.


My golden grapple and fists like to disappear from the radial hand display


Same with me. Unloading an inventory of rock always unequips my hammers and only keeps the first hammer in the stack equipped


This has been happening for a long while now


i’m surprised one stays! that is very odd.
what I find weird was that the hammers (a tool) got removed when logs (a block) got shift-clicked.
It normally happens when shift clicking more hammers into the equipped stack or if i place another hammer in the stack.

oh definitely!
I couldn’t find a dedicated thread for it (it’s always been in the bug thread for individual releases so I thought I’d make a fresh thread for this bug)


I’ve also noticed that when I have blocks in one hand(and am placing them) and a tool/weapon in the other, sometimes the tool/weapon will just randomly activate (no quirks or anything, also my keyboard and controller are fine).


It’s a very annoying and I welcome anyone bringing the subject it back up


This is actually a different bug, it has happened to me a lot and seems to happen when closing/opening ui (like inventory) and clicking the mouse button nearly at the same time or releasing after pressing another button (to open the menu)… for me anyway…
really looking forward to that one getting fixed. it can be very detrimental if it happens in your build, especially if you have, say, a regen bomb in your hand. and that’s just one example.


this happened again, but in a different way…

I had a stack of Iron fists, most of them were regular fists and two of them were forged with attraction and something else. The forged fists were arranged at the bottom of the smart stack.

The fist circled in green was in the left slot and the forged fist I was using was in the right slot. I am 99% sure I had assigned the radial slots to those individual tools, there is a possibility the green circled radial slot was assigned to the entire smart stack.

the forged fist broke as I expected it would, and since it wasn’t assigned to a stack I knew it would disappear and I would have to switch to the left slot.

But, when the forged fist broke and disappeared, the regular fist in the left slot disappeared as well.

I am standing in the sanctum because I was killed by a cuttletrunk while fumbling around in my inventory trying to get another fist in my hand. not trying to guilt trip heh, I already had the penalty, just saying, it’s not that minor if death can be the result.


Do you mean Explorer’s Fist? With a durability of 1,000, that’s going to take a while to wear down, but I’ll keep firing them in game. Did you see this issue occur with other items with much less durability?


yes, the explorer’s fist.

I’ve seen this sort of thing lots before, and if the left radial item that disappeared was indeed the smart stack, I’ve seen this exact thing before, every single time an item broke (any tool or tech that can break) that was part of a smart stack that was also in my radial, they would both disappear; the tool I was using and the smart stack it was in.

The only thing that would make this case different would be if the left radial item was assigned to the single Explorer’s Fist (circled in green) and I’ve never seen that happen before. (where two items disappear from the radial that are not assigned to the radial as a smart stack)
Otherwise it’s the exact behaviour I’ve seen for months.

I just can’t remember if the left radial item that disappeared was a smart stack or a single item.