It's good to talk!

Hi everyone,

Just a random question I wanted to ask. :slight_smile:

With so many community portals and ways to chat with other people in the world. Does anyone on the Forums use another service or portal to talk with other Oortians or Developers?

Like Steam, Facebook, Discord, Chat apps and so on?

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There is a Facebook group with a few like-minded people in there. Not a great deal of chatter recently though afaik


The forums are easily the best way, but there is a facebook group and there was a discord for a short time.

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Well the discord still exist, its pretty dead though:

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My discord broke somehow, else I’d use it more often. I do follow the twitter pretty closely, but you guys won’t leak the new music yet :frowning:

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No, only here.


We are leaking stuff. But it appears to be water after the bad weather in the region over the past few days. :open_mouth:

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Does it count as a leak if the flow is consistent? It never stops raining in the UK :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m also on twitter :slight_smile: Sometimes not because I’m fed up once in a while :fearful: eeh he…hm.
Is the music from the trailer a different composer?

I would love for the Facebook group to become more active again and the forums are the most used by far

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