JaceyLive's Mega Hunts Are Epic!

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I finally made it to Jacey Live’s meteorite hunt and it was amazing!!
Those views and all the people around!!


How much oort did you get by the end of this ?

Also how many meteors did you guys do ?

Yesterday I returned home with just over 200 Rough Oort.

I finished earlier and still had 170ish. Meteorite count was at 9 or maybe 10 when I left. I think.

Great video dude,

I have all the equipment needed for the high level hunts but prefer the fun and games of Jaceys epic hunts much, much more, with all the people the carnage and laughs alone are worth it, but 99% less lava and hidden trap holes to navigate through is also an added bonus! I usually just bring some big range AOE heal bombs and go do what I can to keep people alive… still end up using a mass craft of res augments each hunt though, haha!

@Smellow Was there yesterday and made around 200 oort, and again today and we made around 300 oort each. No idea how many meteors but I’m sure there were 4 coming down on us at a time at one particular region!


I agree. I can do 6 tier worlds hunts and I did a few times. But was tired of going to Houchus as I’m not the best grapple user and terrain like there with vertical holes straight to lava and ice surface above made me suffer. For some reason I never found Muliarakrib or Norkyna hunts. Always Houchus.

This was fun much more. And I love the platforms and diving alongside meteorites. :heart_eyes:

Oh you would absolutely LOOOOOVVVVEEEE an Alcyon hunt then!! haha

You would of had fun today, Jacey offered a 10k prize to the person who got flattened by a meteor… pretty sure 90% of us got under it, couldn’t tell exactly how many as I was one of those many bodies underneath the meteor.


I bring about 100 revive brew anytime I go; Im guarantee to use 1/2 a stack. But all the monster parts and 150-235oort per hunt… I only need to do 1 every a week and have enough oort to last my tiny network for close to a month.

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Thank you @boundmore really enjoyed the video!
& thank you for turning up to the hunt :slight_smile:

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Absolutely! I’ll be able to open up that portal from Lutrion to Norkyana I’ve always wanted soon! haha

Been following the posts for a while on these hunts. You guys have made this sound like so much fun I think I have to take a day off work and join in!!


I ended with 291 oort.

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Thats great!

Not sure how many meteors but i ended with just short of 300 oort

I stumbled across this group while working on a bridge. Delta is usually pretty lifeless, so it’s awesome to have a big group of friendly people on planet to roll with.


Got to do my first Jacey Live’s Meteorite Hunt today. Glad I did it!! It exceeded expectations!!!

These Hunts are epic, well run, and a heck of a lot of fun!!

Huge shoutout to Jacey and his crew!!, those healers!! and everyone on the hunts today!! Great job folks!!