Jam session on Ruchs - all welcome!

Open invitation to anyone – come on down & build a house or a tower or a cliff base or whatevs!

I’ll probably request a beacon tomorrow, let me know if you want your name on it!


Yas. Are we going to have a theme for this little town?

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Yes, just come check out my cliff base for reference. I think we’re going to do a two-level city; one level above the leaves, one level below (walkways and tunnnels!)

Also, I’m using lanterns as temporary wireframes – I think we’re going for a slick stone-and-white-gleam-and-dark-wood kind of thing.

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Hmmm, will be there in a bit! Need to procrastinate from homework! :smiley:

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Hey sorry guys, my computer is playing up big time. Think my internet is blehhhhh today. I’ll try coming in again later.

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I’ll join for a little while ^^

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Ahhh, I’ll try to come and help after I get some sleep. If the ping from playing on US server from EU will be too high I’ll at least check it out!

@Lilem Sweet! Come on by!

Thanks to @Squaremunch @Squidgy @Nyuudles @Scythe for coming! I’m offline now, here’s our progress so far:


oooo are you going to do more today? i would love to help!


I don’t think it’s been beaconed yet - stop by and check it out! I won’t be on for most of today — #ldsconf — but definitely check it out and feel free to grab some mats and start building!

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great! thanks :smile:

it does have a beacon :confused: so i will wait - may I be one of your collaborators? :european_castle:

Not signing up or anything, but you have some skills with paint or whatever you used for this :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you need the leaves on the ground cleared @DarkRepulsor?

I don’t know, maybe - the idea of doing a village on stilts seemed cool though, what do you think?

I like it! I’ll go ahead and plant the bushes back on the other side

Hey Dark, your drawing looks like my city already, so naturally I love the idea! And please, everyone come. I’d like to see our beacons back-to-back in one gigantic city community.
Dark, when you finish your build, we need to figure out a way to link together (a common road or an underground subway, something…) Maybe everyone can build a common road and we can link all our cities and villages together.

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hey guys, sorry I haven’t been able to help you lately. I’ve only had a couple hours here and there to play oort this week. I’ll be buisy through the weekend, but hopefully I’ll see you on Sunday or Monday!

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No worries @Squaremunch. See you when we see you.

Some progress on our chic stilt village! Seriously, anyone else who wants to help, just let me know, I’ll get you added!


I’m loving those pillar alongside the dock / entry!