Dear Santa :santa: @james

All I want for Xmas is a 64x Region Color Changing Exo for BOUNDLESS that spins up for 12 days before Santa comes called KARL…. :heart: :evergreen_tree: :gift: :clinking_glasses:



64 is max size right?

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I mainly wish for the candy cane drop / snowball meteor event to run a bit longer.
While it’s pretty easy to stock up on Halloween orbs getting those red candy canes needs much more time (and people which run around together with you). I’d love to be able to get my hands on a decent amount of twinkles for decoration purposes this year.


Id be happy with a normal color changing exo that we always get it’s usually more than enough.

On top of that, I’d do an @monty1 he is my new Santa Claus. I am not sure if @Tiggs is a Christmas Elf or a reindeer… I suppose that remains to be determined :stuck_out_tongue:


i wish we could get candfy cane in similiar way as spooky orbs, i hate meteors, just hate, i have no time for such events, i can run gathering flowers in my free time, even 15 minutes, meteor event required exact few hours and focus on event whole the time, i cant, just cant…

gimme candy cames craftable from ice/glacier/sugar/syrupflowers (green and red) BUT no longer drops from meteor event

i love xmas decorations, twinkles are awesome, xmas oortys, xmas trees

but as long candy canes will be meteor event drops - im out.


Platform hunts are pretty tame and while it does require a bit of time to collect a good amount you could just do a hunt for 30 mins.

I actually love hunts and I get quite a good amount of items even if I don’t stay for the whole thing. Some great hunt leaders out there. @Foxx449 @Chicula @Wondernut @glr and @2FACEWICKED to name just a few. I am sure they would be happy to have you and don’t mind at all if you cut it short.


REd believe me, i know, i loved platform hunts, 2 years ago attended almost every Jaceys hunt :smiley: but now for me its not fun anymore, after my brain surgery 2 years ago now this insane amount of movement and light is very tiring for my brain…i wish i could hunt again


I’m sorry you can no longer attend them and enjoy them. If you need anything from a hunt let me know :slight_smile:

Tiggs is a dwarf. Remember it’s “Tigg’s Tunnels” afterall :crazy_face:


Not sure what you mean @glr I was actually stating that you run a good hunt.

Not sure why you took offense.

Anyways, back on topic color-changing exo … Yes please!


i read it wrong sorry was trying to take out the comment

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i admit when i am wrong


We need this again haha @CaptAmerica1611

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I’ll probably be leading 1-2 hunts a day on various t1-t2 planets (side note) if anyone has a t1 or t2 planet(preferably med or large) and you want someone to run a hunt on it hmu :sweat_smile: I can do it


Guess its safe to say we have all been bad this year, and Santa isn’t gonna bring us a Color Changing EXO for XMAS week.

I’ve been EXTRA good this year so Color Changing Exo is still on? :pleading_face:


Generally we see it closer to Valentines but who knows maybe?

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With the change of management, we could see it whenever they feel like it. Hopefully more often than in the past. Having 4-6 a year would be Wondernut… I mean Wonderful.