Join prospering trading community and WIN a set of Gem Tools!

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What is this competition all about?

Pixelgate City was published yestarday (23.02), to celebrate this we - Karokendo and Dzchan - are making a competition for all newcomers. Rules are simple and everyone can join! Main purpose of this event is to make Pixel Gate a living place! :slight_smile:

You can check our city thread here: Pixel Gate

How to enter?

STEP 0: Inform us about your participation in this thread

STEP 1: Travel to Pixel Gate City
You can find us at:
-200 1800
Planet: Solum (US east)

STEP 2: Contact Karokendo or Dzchan to claim your plot
You don’t need a beacon to do that. We provide beacons for our traders :slight_smile:

Contact us through: Forums, Discord (Karokendo#2476 or dzchan94#4555)

There are 33 left out of 36 free trading plots in the city center! (at the picture)

STEP 3: Start trading!
You can start trading instantly. We share 1 free selling plinth for your use.

What are the prizes?

Winner #1 Prize:

1x Ruby Hammer + 1x Ruby Axe + 1x Ruby Shovel + 1x Ruby Chisel

  • 4x Refined Ruby/Amethyst/Topaz + 16x Dark Blood

Winner #2 Prize

1x Topaz Hammer + 4x Refined Ruby/Amethyst/Topaz + 8x Dark Blood

Winner #3 Prize

1x Amethyst Hammer + 4x Refined Ruby/Amethyst/Topaz

What if I lo… ekhm… Do everybody win something?

Yes of course! Every participant wins 1x Refined Gem of their choice from Refined Ruby/Topaz/Amethyst


Contest ends at:
Date: 3 March 2017
Time: 8 pm GMT+1

All rewards will be distributed as soon as competition ends!


Oh it ends in one day! I’ve got my stall there now so perfect timing.

I’m i in Karo being your first trader in?