sooo… yeah its me again.this time to suggest a journal ish thing.

Basically when you have created your character you get thrown into the game with no equipment or anything other than your journal which is character bound. in the journal there would be a few clues on how to get started, basically something like Ben’s ‘‘Loop of oort oline’’ and you would get the general idea of what is going on.

the journal consists of several pages, some of which i cant explain yet because im not sure what should be in it, but here are 2 things i would like to see

  1. Recipes

When you open up a journal you see your recipe tab, under the tab there would be your recipes split up in categories such as Survival, Food, Axe, Sword, Heavy armor .etc…

the player would start with a few survival recipes, these recipes does not make the item by clicking on them, but they show you which items you can mix to make something.

every time you craft something you get the recipe saved so if i craft a topaz pickaxe i would under tools get ‘‘Topaz Pickaxe’’ which shows me what mats i need to make it and what it is in details as if i were to hover over it.

this way you would need to explore and discover recipes but when you have found them they would be saved so you dont have to write them down in a secondary document such as notepad or the likes.

  1. Beastiary:

This is something i would love to see. you would have an empty beastiary that you would fill as time went along, the beastiary would be based on kills and give info accordingly.

so example would be:

1 kill: Name of the creature on the top
25 kills. a small lore segment about the creature
50 kills: a picture or an animation of the creature
100 kills: Is it tameable yes/no
250 kills: How much skill do you need to tame the creature if it is
500 Kills: What weaknesses does it have against certain attack or elemental types
1000 kills: Title Creature name Slayer

so to take a pig as the example

1 Kill: Pig
25 kills: ‘‘The pig usually lives in forest areas and close to others, the pig is a passive creature and will not attack you unless you attak it firsts’’
50 kills: *picture of the pig
100 kills: tamebale
250 kills: Beast handler profiency 25
500 kills: No special weaknesses or immunities
1000 Kills: you know unlocked the title ‘‘Pig Slayer’’

  1. Lore

I imagine something that would fit oort greatly would be different notes hidden in temples or random chests which could explain the lore of the universe without being intruding, a story split in 150 parts and every note is called The story of creation #1 or The story of creation #121 , whenever you activate one it will go to your lore tab and you can read it whenever you want.

@james thoughts?


Nice idea :bulb:

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On adding Topaz or any kind of mod to an equipable, I don’t think recipes need to get as specific as how to add a particular mod, rather just know how to make a pick whilst also knowing how to add gem-like mods.

Your bestiary idea would fit nicely into a new skill line.

Lore I think should be like you said, a kind of TSW system where you find pieces of lore that form a largely whole later on.


I’m not sure this is necessary though. You could have a tutorial video and skip having to code something into the game. MC never had any tutorial or anything in the world. You were just plopped down and had to figure out things by yourself, the wiki, or your friends. I admire that kind of self teaching gameplay. Too often do our modern games hold our hands and belittle us with endless tutorials when It’s sometimes more fun to figure out those things on our own, or have those things taught to us by clever game design.
To continue on this point, If the game needs a large text document to explain how it’s played, I think things have gotten a little too complicated.
PS. I’m pretty sure we dont need a pokedex (of death)… We just need a wiki lol :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree with Squaremunch, all you need is a decent wiki and I know people are working on one already.

I do like the idea of a journal as an option to craft if you want to.

Yeah. all of the information is going to be outgame, which is why they might as well put it ingame too, same with recipes.

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Every information outgame is again a promotion for the game itself as people will be stumble upon it when not yet playing and getting interested.
Besides you can be far more creative with thing outside the game, on forum, wiki and youtube. an ingame book with everything in it creates laziness :blush:


the general goal of a game should be to allow everything to stay ingame, saying ‘‘you can find it outgame’’ is a horrible idea, cause yes it would be outgame but you should be able to play the entire game with stuff INGAME, looking at wikis (like minecraft) should never be neccesary.

but yeah, its something that would be nice to have ingame, although not massively important, i what squaremunch love i hate like the pest, nothing is more stressing than getting thrown into a game with absolutely NO clue on what you have to do. because then you are standing there like ‘‘well… what now?’’

Albion online also have a kinda good idea, they have a ‘‘milestone’’ system, so you get into the game and you first milestone is like ‘‘Make an axe’’ wherhe you get a small reward for doing so, they then spread out widely as time goes on, its not mandatory to do, but it gives people a general idea of what they need to do.

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I would say the recipes is most important followed by the lore journal :slight_smile:

I really like this idea and it could probably help make sure that people don’t need to check outside sources for info.

atleast recipes you have found.and unlocked. i am also highly for some recipes being drops and then you need to keep them somewhere.


I’m still pretty new to the game, so I’m trying to catch up to speed on as much as possible. I had a few ideas along this line and was curious if there was any decisions on this. Or is there still room to consider?

They havent confirmed anything like this. so throw out as many ideas as you want :smiley:

Okay, so I agree with Zouls on this. If I have to look outside of a game to find necessary/critical info, the game feels incomplete. I have and will use the outside content as much as the next person, but having the info be nonexistent in game leaves many players frustrated enough to simply quit. This is especially true for console based gaming. Pulling up a wiki while playing on PC is easy. Especially since the game plays in windowed mode. This will become a bit of a hassle if I have to bounce between my computer and PS4.

As for what should go into something like this, I had a couple ideas to add to the pile.

The ability to see recipes for final products, especially those that are a multi tiered build is one of the more common mods used in a specific unnamed voxel based game. This simply saves everyone’s sanity.

A log of where particular blocks/items came from. Given the variety of color options, it would be helpful to be able to see which world that nice grey stone came from. Or which creature dropped that thing again?

Given the explorative nature of the game, I agree that any recipes should be limited to ones already made by the player. Not sure how more work/drain this would take form the devs and the engine, but a nice idea.