Journal of Darkicus, Cuboid Explorer


This is the strangest world I’ve seen so far…
When I first glimpsed Oort I thought the tech demo state it was in was pretty basic, with a whole bunch of various worlds, many not seeming particularly special. But Selta is mysterious. The land mass makes unusual patterns, too large for the minimap to reveal.

There is a large desolate landmass ringed by a vast expanse of water and another ring of more lively land, and beyond that is a tiny island, nearing the edge of the world. Because the minimap warps terrain into a circular shape, it’s been hard to tell whether this ring is round or not.

The wasteland itself is strewn with mossy boulders and lifeless clay and dead trees- but stranger are these perfectly straight “streets” that are wide and clear of boulders, branching at right angles. This is not just a random world, this is a world where something happened.

Passing through the huge expanse of dead land, I couldn’t help feel that this was a battleground within to face off against a Titan. Or the site of some great disaster. Given how gem rich the land is, it makes sense that this would be a world of great risk and reward.

You guys really need to check this place out. It’s seriously an uncanny valley and it rocks.

Will have screenshots soon.

Wow, so, I teleported to Setla’s capitol to see what it’s like in the main region, and it’s completely different to the area I was exploring. Gives a very different impression to the wasteland area- makes me wonder just how many biomes they put into Selta.

Edit: I apparently just discovered an Oorthenge someone made, cool.

I’m by the capital now. I never noticed the “blasted landscape” quality of Selta. Thanks for pointing that out!

The biomes here are so huge, I thought the wasteland was the most common one, but it’s actually a minority from the look of it. Definitely one of the most unique worlds in Oort. Other worlds like Xewell just seem to be the same kind of thing everywhere… but perhaps I didn’t explore far enough?