Juniis kleine Welt new T6 Planet

A new T6 planet is born. It is called “Juniis Small World” and can be reached from Cardass. There are no portals yet, I am poor and I cannot afford them. For the time being, the planet is only open to hunting, as I am poor, as I said, and can fill my wallet with the few raw materials that are there. Portal Hub and portals there will come later.

Furthermore, the planet is completely in balu tones and looks just great at night.


Tier:T6 - Fierce
World Type:Corrosive
Lvl 5 Caustic Protection
Requires 4 Levels in Skill
Server Region:EU Central
Number of Regions:34
Surface Liquid:WaterCore Liquid:Lava

since 5 days
9.3.2021, 16:07:28

in 25 days
8.4.2021, 17:07:28

Best: Topaz
Neutral: Sapphire, Diamond
Lucent: Rift

Orbited World:CardassT6 - Fierce Shock Homeworld

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Currently the planet is only open to visit / hunt. I will open it later to build and mine raw materials. At the latest when I have my first million coins :), which will take some time, because I am bad at making coins, even after 1600 hours of play I still only win 5000 coins a day :frowning:

But it will be fully opened sometime :stuck_out_tongue:

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