Junii's raw material ramp


Ehh, where did you add it? Or am I still half asleep and overlooked it?


In the first post.


At top. First Post.


Wow! you’re right, lol, caffeine, needz it!


I lowered my prices. In order to be able to make those prices, I now have to farm with home-made titanium or iron (not forged) and even cooked food. So please do not be disappointed if the shop is not always full. I simply can not deliver such quantities with the tools anymore.


You should shop around! On Discord you told everyone that you buy gem tools for 15k to 45k which is severely overpriced. 10 to 13k is what you’re looking for…


Your prices are very reasonable. I’ll pop over later to buy some supplies.


Joa … but unfortunately the shop with the cheap tools are often sold out, if I pass by. At least those who are familiar with.


I have 34 3x3 diamond hammers in stock for 8999c to 9999c…
They’ve been sitting there for a week now (granted then it was more).

Original Forgeries, New Leyden Market…

Also lowered all prices on all my stalls, no forged gem tool higher than 9999c!


My guild mate my get mad at me for this since he will have to forge more than he does. But he regularly keeps stock in my store of aoe gem tools priced at 9999c. Also has some titanium ones(don’t remember price on those) they are quirk free btw.

My shop is Corruption outlet. Located in the gyosha mall store #86. Also have a portal straight to it at moonies.