Junii's raw material ramp

First of all, sorry for my bad English, I never got it and use the Google Translator. I hope you can understand everything and ask you to answer in a very simple English.

Oh well. I would like to introduce my shop here. You will mainly find raw materials here. But most of everything you get when mining. But also other stuff. The shop and everything else is currently more or less a construction site, but is gradually being expanded. Please have a look from time to time, because of the footfall and who knows, maybe you will find that one opder another.

Copper Ore: 3C
Iron Ore: 6C
Silver Ore: 30C
Gold Ore: 25C
Titanium Ore: 18C
Sulphure Fragment: 45C
Salpetre Fragment: 85C
Olivine Fragment: 25C
Cobalt Fragment: 35C
Rock Salt: 1C
Opal: 9C
Flint: 1C
Sand: 1C
Gravel: 1C
Ash: 2C
Some Rocks: 1C
Rough Diamond: 55C
Rough Ruby: 149C
Compact Coal: 85C
Compact Hard Coal: 185C

Spicy Bean: 12C
Sweet Bean: 25C
Bitter Bean: 95C
Fibrous Leaf: 8C
Inky Leaf: 20C
Fleshy Leaf: 4C
Raw Earthyam: 1C
Raw Waxy Earthyam: 5C
Raw Exotic Earthyam: 25C

Bones: 3C
Wildstock Eye: 65C
Spitter Eye: 65C
Hopper Eye: 65C
Roadrunner Eye: 99C
Roadrunner Feather Trophy: 6000C
Hopper Core Trophy: 1500C

Prices too high? - Sorry, but I think it’s fair, I have to collect all that and eventually live on something. I also need 150,000C - 450,000C per day for tools. You are welcome to negotiate with in the Discord (Junii|Balkinus|Martin#7488), but considering I can not speak English, please express it easily and no foreign words or abbreviations.

You can find me through the Finata Ultima Hub, there you go through the portal to “Bayern” from there through the portal to “Seefeuer” and you since.

Villa Marrs Niia Zed Ka

Arie Plaza


Gibt es nicht auch eine Kategorie fĂĽr andere Sprachen? Oder nur Englisch?

Isn’t there a category for other languages too? Or just English?

I’ll definitely come check it out!!

Es gibt auch einen Bereich für andere Sprachen, aber ich möchte ja Mass erreichen. Denn wenn ich genug T6 Werkzeuge leisten kann… wird es da sehr sehr viel zu bekommen sein… denn meine bipolare Störung hilft da ungemein, beim Mining :stuck_out_tongue:

There is also an area for other languages, but I want to reach Mass. Because if I can afford enough T6 tools … it will be very much to get there … because my bipolar disorder helps immensely when mining :stuck_out_tongue:


My German is a bit rusty, so hopefully this is correct:

Guter Punkt! Englisch ist definitiv die mehrheit hier, um massen von menschen zu erreichen.

Good point! English is definitely the majority on here to reach mass amounts of people.

Manchmal mĂĽssen sie nur mit Ihrem hammer, um das zu helfen, zerschlagen. Im spiel, und manchmal auch im echten leben. Haha!!

Sometimes, you just need to smash stuff with your hammer to help that out. In game, and sometimes real life. Haha!

Edit;: couldn’t remember the word for hammer.

Vergessen sie nicht, die englische Ăśbersetzung auch dort einzufĂĽgen. So wird es nicht markiert!

Don’t forget to put the English translation in there too. so it doesn’t get flagged.

I filled in request baskets, with a total of 90,000 coins. Buy Oort-Shards and Refined Gleam Cool Blue.

Many people are opening shops at the busier Malls. The advantage of this is you don’t have to maintain the portals; you probably get more portals; you get traffic from the mall. The downside is your store could be one of many. Might be worth looking at?

You can do both of course :slight_smile:

You could also combine the 2. Have a Mall Shop with a portal to your main shop - if it’s worth the cost.

It’s very hard to get people out to look for standalone shops.

I also noticed that the players are apparently too lazy to look into standalone shops. Then I will probably have to keep looking for request baskets every day for hours, because the provided shops in malls are too small for me or the servers on which the malls are not reachable for me.

I suspect it’s not laziness. They’ve done the time / benefit analysis of hopping through portals looking for stuff that may no longer be there, against going to their favorite store or mall. You, me and everyone always optimize even if we don’t know we’re doing it!

  • It’s why people started putting in lots of portals to their store, but that was expensive.
  • It’s why people started putting portals in Ultima HQ and Ultima Mall, but you get lost in the crowd
  • It’s why people started setting up a small “special” store in malls, but now even they are getting too big

I don’t know what the answer is; I don’t know what the next evolution is.

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Buying Oortshards. pay 20C each. 58.000C as budget.

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Portal to Arie Plaza it´s open.

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And I think you should re-stock :wink:

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That’s probably true. But there is still a lot to buy. To that I am also just a normal person who can not build, farms, hunt, etc. at the same time.

Nah, not much to buy any more as of an hour or so ago…

You have some nice prices, some okay ones some expensive ones (or not worthwhile to me to spend more than needed).

Bought quite a bit.

Also if you can supply a steady amount of diamonds (and gold, so much gold, or silver, any metal really) we might be able to make a deal of some sort…

And can you collect exotic yams? Shimmering orbs? Beans? Saltpetre?

When I find new AoE tools like hammers and shovels I can pay. Then I am also able to deliver daily gold, silver, diamonds, in masses. The same with Exotic Yams

Out of curiosity, what are prices you can pay?

And the deal I was thinking was more along the lines of:

  • I give you forged tools, no cost
  • you go gather or mine using them
  • half (or another percentage) of what you gather/mine you give to me
  • the rest you can do with what you want, use it for crafting or sell it

BTW, normally I sell my forged tools for 12999c…

That sounds perfect. But 13000 C its okay for me too. - I can start with it tomorrow. - My discord data —> Junii|Balkinus|Martin#7488

Also portal open to Villa Marrs which has a player portal in New Leyden Market :wink:

Yes and if not ya can ask dev to make one

Price List added.