Just an wiki link, and tell you how terrible this is. It's same in a video game

Not to minimize the effects certain things can have on people, but if I am understanding this article and talking to someone in my office, it is the flashing lights in certain colors that can create the episodes not just the color themselves. I am not a Dr. This is just my understanding from the article you linked and my officemate. Now are the spitters or hoppers creating such an effect, I am not certain.

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I’m not aware of any repetitive flashing lights or strobe effects in boundless. Is there something I’m missing?

I have seen what I can only assume is a bug on the rugged metal planet when it goes from day to evening an effect of flickering light on the side of blocks. It doesn’t last for very long and usually I’ve been too busy trying to avoid spitters and hoppers to pay much attention to it.

i have also seen the flashing on certain lighting (gleam in builds/certain patches of ground… certain mobs…)** only seems to happen for me on Boori/Grovidles and Lambliss - i think this is due to the VERY high contrast of these planets… (i never notice it on the starter/less vibrant worlds)

It is a soft image flickering (like a very muted strobing) but yes… this is a graphical/lighting glitch and very bad for people who suffer with Epilepsy and etc if they do not know those artifacts exist…

Maybe @james and the team could look into this? (i would record the instance but unfortunately we are not allowed to, due to risking leaks but when its a safty issue- what then?

I noticed a bit of flickering on Ice blocks and when i get too close to corner blocks in daylight(i do have the light epic)