Just for funsies 🤓

I’m curious what most peoplefind themselves doing in the game most of the time vs what they feel like they should do vs what they really want to do.

So me for example… I spend most of my time working on community projects to better the guild.

I feel like I should be crafting and Forging because I gotta keep the shops up.

I really want to finish my base… I absolutely love it and it’s not even close to being done. Operational, yes but “done” no.

My favorite thing to do is just explore and pick flowers. I hate breaking glow caps and Rosetta nox… if it glows it’s too Naughty to break. :heartpulse:


Fixed your topic title for you. :thinking:

Also I usually end up grabbing plants and rocks while hunting… Which lately happens when I’m working on my hunting-zone project. :neutral_face:

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I’ve got a laundry list of building projects I want to work on, but I generally put them off and go collecting and exploring most of the time. Oh, I should really put in that floor… but let’s go do some mining on Norkyna first and raise some more coin:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Don’t feel bad you don’t craft I haven’t had time to mine our craft since release we all spokes in the wheel to make it go round :ferris_wheel:

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I spend most of my time running in circles around my base spamming the space bar and thinking about what to work on next


I Run in Circles when I should be doing something lol


THIS is literally the way I came up with the coop idea.


I spend as much time building as I can, until some crucial material runs out and I’ll go out gathering to make some quick coin and restock. I used to mine my own mats but I haven’t picked up a hammer in months, bean demand is very healthy and I can usually get what I need quicker via trading.

Also running around in circles and staring at my builds trying to work out what renovations are most urgent. Often followed by falling backwards off a cliff while trying to get a better view.


testing farming most of the time last few weeks

want to finish my main base which took nearly 10 months now and still maybe 60% done

need to log in now and fuel my portals

want to go to a group hunt (maybe Saturday morning with the Aussies?)

started building my first small farm live (preparing ground for farming coming soon) and want to build at least 3 goo farms in my tier 4-6 planetary bases as well as at least one more home planet farm


Sorry for the off-topic, but we have missed the big toe lately.

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I missed the hunts with you - played less lately and most of it I was a farmer lol
mostly hurting my big toe planting and harvesting

I find myself crafting and building/ improving builds aaand i feel like i should be building. I just like the slow, continuous progress of seeing a build being finished. I waste a lot of time rebuilding small parts here and there “to look better” xD

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I stare at the middle left side of the screen willing the maintenance message to appear for the farming update…



I dont do enough anymore. Mainly maintain the Waterfront Outlets and work on my new base that has been in construction for over a month :confused: but its coming along. And forge a little here and there for my shop. Ive been putting in alot less time for a while now cause my friends have gotten out of it for the most part. Go on hunts every now and then. Havnt travelled around in a while either just not enough time :slightly_frowning_face:

I also run around in circles a lot my base is literally built for it (ok they’re squares lol…).

i spend a lot more time thinking about things to do than doing them I’m afraid :exploding_head:


I Run in Circles too I drink a mega fast brew and see how many circles I can do lol