Just opened a new shop on Lutrion. Rusty's Discount Store!

Hey Guys, just opened up a new shop on Lutrion, you can get there from Boori PS, its one of the second tier portals (can’t screenshot as I’m at work)

Please swing by and let me know if any of my prices are outrageously high (and if they are outrageously low feel free to buy me out)

Going to update so that I have most of the creature drops in the game in requests baskets and on sale.


You forgot name of shop :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh shoot! It’s Rusty’s Discount Store


what do you sell?

At the moment just meat and a few resources, working on expanding so that I sell almost every resource.

sounds Awesome

By resource I mean drops, like beans, leaves etc.

Do you have a area for portals yet?

Not just yet, pretty small at the moment, but when I build it all up I’ll have a small spot, what planet is your base on again Crucible?

Located on Boori so not far at all :wink: