Just purchased and filled out the form for my Soverin world.. What now

Not sure what to do now. I filled out the form with the biomes i wanted to select for my planet but now i finished the form im not sure what to do… any suggestions

Wait :slight_smile: legs up… stare at the Locations Page, Worlds Tab… it will appear there when ready.

They did say it can take up to 24h, if no hiccups in generation of it.

Also if you go through Sanctum you get a popup about it.


Will the name of the world be random gen or will it be like the key i have to use?
i bought it for ps4

it will be randomly named, but once you are on it. And have placed a beacon + world controller you can rename and set the colors

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Get everything you need for your new world ready. World control, beacon or campfire, fuel, and atlases. I jumped right into my new world and had to go back a few times. You can’t harvest anything on planet until you set your colors.

Yh I mean its gonna be a pain transferring building mats but yh im gonna get some stuff ready now

thanks appreciate it:)

Also some + and - beacon plotters!


or the delux option :stuck_out_tongue: you have portal fuel and portal conduits ready… ofc no way to know the distance to it until it is there… but I rather burn some more fuel to open a massive portal for a while to move stuff initially :slight_smile:

I do have a fair amount of oortshards but I’m on arie so hopping it isn’t to far

what level planet did you select ?

Level 1 plush

lol, could be interesting to get a “Plush” planet :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah lvl 1 lush planets etc… I guess anywhere from 1-5 blinksec from Arie then :slight_smile:

yh sorry meant lush XS thanks

I went to the redeem key and entered the key n it isn’t working

You can’t :slight_smile: planet is already redeemed by filling out the form. Only fuel needs to be redeemed ingame

The status says valid but I cannot find it on any tabs like places or that

Ye, all it does is just say it is an actual key. But when you fill out the form with your account name + ingame character name, they use that to assign the planet to you when it is ready.

So not much else to do than get the patience in waiting tested :smiley:

oh OK but do I get a notification or something

only the popup in sanctum, or see it in the worlds tab ingame. Don’t think there is any other notification implemented yet, else at times when James tags people to say it is ready. But I think that was mostly due to some were stuck in generation and took longer.