Just to be sure before move day

Before I start to prepare my move to sovereign world ( bought 2 so far but not found my home yet)
Will the reclaim function collect everything? Even if the build is rather large ( I’m a Horder)
Even chests and content ?
Or is there something I better move manually?

Everything but plants and grass in the ground (including farms)

I would divide my stuff and reclaim bit by bit just in case.
system should work 100%, but there is always room for human error and I wouldn’t trust myself with all my stuff at once :smiley:

I reclaimed my base last night and it got more than I expected - everything from any kind of storage, spark included, and nearly broken beacon plotters

I didn’t have any issues from reclaiming an extensive workshop, block collection plus a great city all at once.

Thanks guys , guess I will do some small preparations prior to reclaiming :slight_smile:

Have all the basics and a spot picked out :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I logged in, reclaimed, then went to search for my sovereign world. I didn’t bring a beacon control or fuel or an empty atlas.


Oh man that sucks , hope it’s ok now , let me know if you need anything

I happened to have a few rewards chests stacked up so I had enough coins to buy beacon/fuel/world control + warps, but thanks for the offer!!

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So farms do not get reclaimed?
Or the blocks do but not the plants?

You get seeds for the plants not the drops.

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