Just wondering how much are these gleam bow totems worth

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So I’ve seen that usually they sell for 10k, but with added quirks (giving you an extra boost in the gleambow event), what would they be worth?

Slow-Mo Quirk
Status Effect Applied When Held (Type: Slows You Down; Level: 1), Walk/Run Speed -25%, Sprint Bonus +50%

One Jump Ahead
Status Effect Applied When Held (Type: Jump Randomly; Level: 1), Grants User Double Jump

In Poor Health
Action Speed +10 at Low Health (45% and lower)

Why’d you edit out what they actually are? Lol

Added the details of each quirk. Basically +10 action speed, 50% faster run (just run, slower walk speed), and double jump.

I feel that action speed and run speed are the most important.

Random jumping is annoying. You usually have high health, so your action speed would be lower too, not quicker. Those two are not ideal quirks in my opinion.

Good to know. I can as easily do heigh helt instead. Those 2 I forged for myself, and I am happy with either heigh or low helth. Also I like the double jump a lot :slight_smile:

But it’s good to know what usually it’s considered a good quirk by the comunity (especially as I am thinking of forging and selling them :slight_smile:)

Oh you know what they are!!

I don’t think it will be lower, jsut you would not get the buff in this case, I think.

Oh, I just got it, You meant that I don’t show the tool :slight_smile:. I didn’t edit them, that is just how I took the partial screen shot, but

It says that high or low health effect the speed. I can guarantee you it does. I often use the faster swing speed at high health on hammers, if I fall and take significant damage, my swing speed is drastically lowered until my health regenerates enough to make me swing faster again.

High health is much easier to keep active than low health, therefore I usually avoid using those low health quirks.

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It’s hard to sell anything with quirks though, imo. The stats aren’t displayed accurately and people run from them.


So I guess I’ll keep them for myself in the end, I will still try to sell them for around 12-15k, just in case they do sell, otherwise I am very happy with them :slight_smile:


fixed, you won’t have heigh health with this :slight_smile:

If you are full up, the health regen will keep your health high with bleeding edge quirk. If you have no health regen, you will need to keep a close eye on the damage inflicted otherwise it will kill you. A balancing act not ideal for chasing gleambows. Test them out though and see if it works for you.

Personally I would much prefer the higher speed when at high health, use less energy when full up, and slow mo to run faster if you are targeting quirks.

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Icy ground is a good one too for gleambow : )

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