Kami Hasu, Alder, is buying Orange, Bright Taupe, Vivid Mustard, Green, Vivid Orange, and Shadow Fuchsia Gleam 5K a Piece

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Request baskets on standby.
Paying 5K a Piece
Need specific amount:
6 Orange Gleam
50 Bright Taupe Gleam
16 Vivid Mustard Gleam
32 Green Gleam
28 Vivid Orange Gleam
23 Shadow Fuchsia Gleam
Best Route Portal Seekers Hub Biitula, 2x2 Portal, Kami Hasu
Location: Alder 1,248N - 232E Altitude 129

Youll find those colors alot cheaper at the rare shop
located at the showroom

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

If your offer still stands I think I have some of the taupe and the mustard I think.