Keyboard mapping

Please add keyboard mapping. I’m left handed and remap all the keys for every game. It’s trivial to add that. I’d be happy with a text file to edit while game is in beta.


Yes I would love this too. I’m stuck with a track pad so I like to rearrange my binds to make things easier.

Use a controller it’s got great support lol!!!

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[quote=“MajorWitty, post:1, topic:1231”]
while game is in beta.
[/quote] Actually, it’s still in pre-alpha :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s on the todo list. We’ll see if we can MacGyver something soon…


Any chance that there can be the option to bind “sprint” to a key rather than double-tap forward when you do add key binding?


I’d like an RPG control scheme rather than a “Minecraft” control scheme. For example, having Tab as the inventory, Ctrl as crouch, shift as sprint, etc. But depending on how the game changes across time, perhaps it would be beneficial to have more of a Minecraft styled scheme.

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just leave the sprint just for forward movement. Would be better later when combat arrives :wink:

It’s been a few months. Any chance one of you devs can take a few hours to knock this out?

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Whilst we’re talking control schemes/mapping is there / or can there be a toggle option for the crouch function, instead of holding down the key?

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I have a request that I would REALLY love to see happen and from reading here, I am not the only one who would love this. A designated CROUCH button!!! It annoys me to no end when you are working on precarious structures and the Darn SHIFT key fails you and whoops! off you go falling to your death. :angry: Not cool.

Creativerse has such a feature and it makes building in that game SO much less stressful! You press “C” to crouch and it will stay engaged until you press C again to turn it off. BRILLIANT!

Can we do this in Boundless? Please?

This has been my biggest Rage/Quit issue with Minecraft…when the shift key fails you (especially in skyblock) GRRR!


Still waiting…

It’s coming in the C++ update I believe

As @Squidgy posted, the coming C++ update contains full input remapping for keyboard, mouse and controllers.


Just as a general ETA, will it be coming within atlmost 2 months? :sweat_smile:

… Can’t like more than once
Please consider this to be another 9 :hearts:s

Maybe not so much a crouch button as a walk button that prevents you from walking over an edge deeper than 2 blocks while pressing toward one.

so will there be keyboard remapping coming or already there and i have for some reason mist it?

FYI @Miige - A first version of remapping is in the game options now.