Keyboard shortcut for using items in hands

I finally got a keyboard to use with my console woohoo!

The only thing is I don’t know the computer shortcuts :sweat_smile: I figured some out but I’m stuck on some others.

Does anyone know if there is a keyboard shortcut for using the item in your hand? It’s R2 for right hand and L2 for left hand on PlayStation controller. Just would be convenient if sometimes I could just press a key on the keyboard to use hammer or something.


took some quick in game screenshots, hope that helps, ofcourse not all work on console, like the special

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it’s left/right mouse button by default, so I suppose you need to replace it with keyboard buttons of your choice

how can you replace mouse movement though? I mean looking around with mouse

I still use the controller too, I just want the action shortcut for when I’m doing repetitive actions in a long straight line, for example chiseling, building, collecting crops, planting crops

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to use your left/right hand you need a mouse