Keys to open locked doors

Hello fellow Oortarins,

i’ve been thinking about the system on how you can lock doors the easiest way. There are some but I dont want to talk about them, but about the way to make keys for doors. You can craft as many as you want of them and give it to other players, that does mean that everyone who has an key for that door can enter, others cant even open that door. I thought that you can give these keys to you guild members for example, and only that keys they can have for their rank. For example an New member will have acess to the barracs and the travel centre of your guild and an trusted member hav also the key to enter the crafting rooms, storerooms, armoury rooms maybe something like an guildbank. Then there will be people in charge like jailer who have keys for the Jails in wich the people will be held cause they tried to steal in your town.

Because of that there could alo be an key ring as special place for that key’s in your inventory, if you klick on that keyring every key you have will be shown so you can remove one. The key ring would also be there to pervent key spamming your inventory cause you have a lot of thgem or something like that.

What do you think guys?
Optional yu could just use your beacons to give people rights for your doors but that would be for all doors and in that way everyone might go everwhere or no visitor is abel to go anywhere.


What if you could craft doors that automatically stay closed and others that are manual. Then add a permission to the beacon that allows a permission setting on using doors.

That is not as powerful as a per-door lock proposed, but it may be simpler to implement and manage.

Could you explain it a bit more? I dont understand it I think :smiley:

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The premise is that the beacon would control permissions inside of it. It will already likely support who can open chests, enter, place and destroy blocks. Why not have it also control who can open doors. That way it is like a global locking system.

Using a lock outside of a beacon’s protection is pointless anyway, because people will just destroy it.

The added idea of the having an auto-closing door is to the solve the common issue that people never close doors behind them. Locks won’t be useful if doors are left open.

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I already suggested it to the developers through twitter and they confirmed they are going to add keys to doors :slight_smile:
They haven’t said anytning about the key system tho

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Some sort of system for locking things would be cool. I’m sure a token system could be made for this as well.

I already said that keys are better than that.

“Optional yu could just use your beacons to give people rights for your doors but that would be for all doors and in that way everyone might go everwhere or no visitor is abel to go anywhere.”

Indeed, and I only proposed a cheaper more feasible alternative. Lets tally the work involved.

With keys:

  1. A method to create keys
  2. A method to store keys
  3. A method to revoke keys
  4. A method to recover lost keys
  5. A method to trade keys
  6. A database to store key, user, and door relationships.
  7. User error messages for using the wrong keys
  8. User messages for a key not working
  9. Code to enforce keys
  10. Door ownership
  11. Figuring out what to do when a door is destroyed and recreated in the same location.

With beacon

  1. The addition of a open door ability in the beacon configuration
  2. Code to enforce beacon permission
  3. User messages for door permission not granted

Keys are 10X or more the cost and hassle to manage for both the developers and the users. However, I do like the keys, but I am only proposing cost-saving development compromises and simpler user interfaces. It is better to have a compromise than nothing at all.

Cheers! :smile:


Quite simply just have interactables (Doors, Containers, Beacons, etc.) all use the player token system that has already been established. Then you can toggle who can and cannot access these things.

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Well… I dont havte to say much more to that cause in the way you talk about you can only set one permission type. Being abel to open all or nothing and thats what I dont want. That way you give people you dont trust that much the permission to go into the storeroom. That makes not much sense, but you have to give them the permission cause they allowed to use some doors.

I would like to hear why that should be better. I only hear you saying they should do it like that, without reasons. And the reason of how much of an effort it is isnt really the thing I’m talking about. Dont think about that, just stay theoreticly if thes do it or not is up to them ^^

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I can see it using the soon to be token system they are already working on. they would of course have to add a wee bit of code to allow players tokens to be placed on individual doors but this would most likely be the best way to approach it. use the same player tokens that we all will have. The player (or players) who are in charge of either the beacon these doors are within or in charge of the guild (which may control many beacons) will then as a leader have to put in the effort to manage these tokens for doors. the Devs can make these tokens for doors stackable, so you would just have to gather your friends or guilds player tokens, then drag and drop from inventory to the specified door you want access to and those players tokens would then be bound to any doors you place them on.

For door, chest, mechanics management, the devs could already be working on a window that can be brought up from whichever key you bind it to that shows your guild for example. on this same “management” window, they can add a few tabs. one for door management to show who you have given access, and the ability to select any of those players to remove their access if needed. this would be the same for chests and anything else they implement as well.

Now!, the only thing i would wonder about if this happened is if you give players access to one door, and only a couple select players access to say, a storage or treasure room door. Will the door tab show all active doors you control (that the door creator would have to label as they create the door) or, would the player have to run to the specified door in the world and press a key near it to open the door options?.


Well I think that there has to be an option to see all doors you ontrol cause running to every door might get a bit of a work and if your guilkd for example has residents in more than one world it will get much more work. but I like the tokens as you descriped that, its kinda the same like with the keys if I saw it right?

Yes, the tokens would also act as keys. I don’t see that being an issue for players either. They would understand that player tokens are useful for many purposes. This way players and also the devs would only have to work with and manage one item that gives permissions or binds players to objects such as portals or chests, doors, etc. in the case of door and chest or any other mechanic permission (except for travel by portal or warps) I think guild leaders or beacon owners should have the ability to gather one token from each of their friends or anyone, and this token can be reused as often as they need it. This option could also be a guild feature in the guild window. The players who manage the guild would see the list of players and could simply click the desired player name and select “Token” or something, which they could then freely apply to any door or chest. All of this could be done within the Guild or some sort of management window, that way players are not forced to run all over the place assigning certain players to certain objects such as doors. If this happens to be the case, the players who create doors would definitely have to be able to label their doors and chests as they build them so its separated properly when looking in the management tabs.