Kill me pls, my home is promised to another

I started a few days ago and immediately set to work building a fort in a nearby mountain. Lvl 12 mining later and I go to protect what I’ve created only to find that my whole underground section is reserved due to a base at the bottom of the mountain. This is especially upsetting as, presumably, the underground section will eventually be hit by resource refresh, resulting in my base being filled in.

Firstly, I just wanted to check if there’s any way whatsoever that I can avoid starting over elsewhere - if there’s some trick I’m missing.

Failing that, I’d thought I’d raise the issue anyway as the fact that I was able to build in a reserved zone with no warning, when I would never be able to protect that zone, seems like something that can’t have been intended and ought to be fixed at 1.0. I think it would turn a lot of new players away and will be more frequent the more populated the starting world gets.

See below some images portraying the layout of the mountain.


Afraid at the moment there’s nothing you can do, he’s occupying the vertical plot slot :confused:

Aye I thought as much. Just to confirm, is it just Beacon Control boxes that seize all vertical space or areas created with the Beacon Plotter too?

Also, can anyone confirm whether my underground area will be filled in by the world’s resource refresh (not sure if that’s it’s real name or if this is even a feature yet) if it’s inside Yota’s reserved space?

Any type of plot currently reserves the whole vertical space.

Also unfortunately yes everything regenerates in “reserved” space unless it’s actually plotted

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Brutal! Thanks for the info. Hopefully the next wipe happens soon I suppose.

Haha I hope not, my build isn’t finished yet!

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Is it yato or yota? Yota is a dev and you might be able to talk him into releasing his bottom beacon.

Thanks for the suggestion - 'tis Yota the dev. How would I go about getting in touch?

Thinking about it, the vertical height thing wouldn’t be so much of a problem if new players were given some kind of beacon plotting tutorial / tooltip to warn them to check which land they can claim before they begin building there.

Summoning the almighty @yota

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He might not see it till the morning in Guilford, however regen only kicks in after 8 hours any player enters the chunk so if it is a populated area it might still be there, big might…

Aye, you’re right there.

That’s strange because I carved out and lined the walls and floor of this area over (which is reserved but not owned) a day ago and nothing’s changed as of yet…

For what it’s worth, I do believe that as long as you’ve worked/walked in that area in the last X number of hours, it will not refresh. My apologies if this is incorrect, but I’m pretty sure it’s right. It makes sense because they don’t want people to be mining and suddenly have their exit filled in with no hammers left to get out.

Are you sure about that 8 hourly regen @onebitknightly ? I spent 3 hours mining, the game crashed so I went and grabbed some food for 30 mins, loaded back into the game and the mine had vanished/regenerated and I was on the surface. It was around 7-10 PM GMT last night I think it happened.

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Hello there. I just saw this post. Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, you are trying to build where my beacon is. When the beacon is placed, it ‘reserves’ all the potential vertical plot.

As I use the DEN for testing but the bird is for just a decoration, I can get rid of that beacon on the bird if you like so that you can build things into the rock. Let me know.

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I just went in there and got rid of the beacon that was placed below the bird. I hope this helps.


Really appreciate it, Yota. I shall plant ‘mark my new found territory’ when I get home from work.

I don’t suppose you can shed some light on the refresh rates for us?

No problem. Do you mean regeneration of the terrain? If so, it will not happen if there are people visiting there often but if no one visits there for a day, it will start to regenerate and go back to their original form except for the beaconed area.

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Come on @yota it caused you a little bit of pain to get rid of that didn’t it? :yum:

As @AnnieGYG said I’ve also seen regeneration occur just a few hours after I was last mining a place, have been totally offline for that period but it’s taken no more than 4 hours