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Scarcity Colour sheet for Jhas

by Emorgaly ;p

colorincidence for all planets permanent- and exo-Planet


I really really really like this. Thanks.

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Thanks for putting it up when I’m poorly and in bed early lol. I hope there is something left for when I get on it. :rofl::rofl:


Get well soon!


I hope you feel better soon too!! Let me know if there is anything you need, happy to put out some rift or anything for ya!!

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I had to spend most of my evening and night wrestling with windows 10 to try and get my microphone to work again after an update, and in the end gave up. Now I’m finally at the exoplanet, but everywhere I’ve gone to has just been mined to the bone already.

I’ve found four raw Rift in over 20 minutes, so either my luck is completely wrecked, or there’s already not much left.

Well, bed’s calling for me, so I’m gonna call it bust on my end. Good luck to everyone else, though.


I really do wish it was a bad joke, but no.


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You left some good change money on the floor there …
Collect the other goodies, that compensate for the travel cost :sunglasses:

But thanks for the tip, i will probably pass on this one

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I know that feeling :neutral_face:

I mined for over 2 hours and only got 59 rift, whole place has been stripped. If anyone knows cords for areas not strip mined please let me know.

Try the smaller hotspots. I’m on right now and doing ok… I’m about to head to the surface and explore some more, I’ll check some of the spots, if I find a good untouched area I’ll leave it and post it. :slight_smile:
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Here is one, though in fairness I only did one tunnel through at this altitude to check it so might have missed some - but this small spot looked like it hadn’t seen any activity. Bonus shot of cool nearby cavern. :wink:

Edit: Also, try right on the edges of the larger hotspots too, sometimes I’ll do well in those areas when others are Swiss cheese!

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Were you mining at 20 and 60? Instead of just the sweet spots?

When I posted the hotspot I was in it was chewed up in the middle but I went to the extremes of the spawn range and that’s where I had all my luck.

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Yes, it was chewed through like an anthill. :neutral_face::sweat_drops:
Whoever is out there is definitely more used to mining stuff than me.

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Yes I definitely agree learning where to head is a big part of it. Sometimes finding a smaller hotspot that others skip over like @bucfanpaka suggested is a big deal. You can hit a few of these untouched and get a good chunk from.

Just keep going at it and you’ll get the ‘feel’ of it over time. You’ll get more efficient with you’re play time as you see and learn more.

E: I think I actually logged off on the exo last night after just porting there. I’ll touch base after I have time to get coffee set up and see if there are any spots that might be overlooked. Though going in to the 2nd day now it might be pretty cheesy like you say.

ok so i’ve been in game for about 10 mins now and I’ve gotten a bit over 70 rift mining at altitude 45. If this keeps up (and I have good reason to believe it will) ill have about 500 rift in the hour. Sure it’s not the amount you’d get mining at the sweet spot in a fresh spawn, but I’ve never gotten that lucky myself.


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I looked for a mere couple of seconds, saw the patches of rift, and decided to pass. Went for sapphs and topaz instead.

In the span of 5 mins 70 more rift. I think you guys just need to expand where you are mining tbh. im going to end up leaving with another smart stack before im done.

after 1 pie wore off

Now I’m going to move locations entirely and will repeat what I just did. Not the same yield you will get from sweetspots on a fresh spawn but still enough rift for a masscraft per pie isn’t a bad undertaking imo, then plenty of coal to sell to @RedY3 when I’m done.


Best thing ive heard all day.

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Man, my luck really hit the bottom then. I blame Friday the 13th on it. :smiling_imp:


Well there’s still plenty here if you feel like giving it another whirl! IMO a large part of mining as part of ‘clean up crew’’ is being able to guesstimate/speculate where the ‘min/max’ guys concentrated at. I can usually get a feel for it and figure out if they poked up or down and then I just go opposite.

2 pies and 4 hammers I think, that cost 6k each and maybe 8 brews? not sure how many per pie. If you go another round, good luck! There’s a ton here still.

I’ll have gotten 3 SS of rigt this time. If I stick around it’ll be a 4th stack. This has been one of my best lucent runs tbh, but I havent done a ton of them either though.

rift9 rift8 rift7

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Yep, was just there again a little while ago, got into a decent spot, in a larger hotspot but in between the picked over areas. :slight_smile: These are very profitable runs, with all the stuff I get, not just the rift.