[Kille] --[Rift Tier 7 Exoworld]-- [Inactive]


∟Accessible via KUL HUROO at 42 blinksecs :: (Warp Cost : 3400c)
∟Last until September 18, 2019 3:00 AM
∟Server : EU Central

Blocks Color

Blocks color have been pulled out from data, some blocks may not exist on the planet.

Gleam - 190 Stark Yellow

Igneous - 85 Warm Yellow
Metamorphic - 33 Silk Yellow
Sedimentary - 106 Light Tan

Ancient - 233 Cobalt
Lustrous - 65 Silk Lavender
Twisted - 209 Vivid Cerulean

Exotic - 208 Vivid Cobalt
Lush Foliage - 127 Vivid Lilac
Waxy - 205 Vivid Azure

Clay - 59 Silk Cobalt
Peaty - 249 Strong Lavender
Silty - 57 Deep Azure

Barbed - 233 Cobalt
Gnarled - 67 Deep Lilac
Verdant - 57 Deep Azure

Ash - 210 Cerulean
Gravel - 85 Warm Yellow
Glacier - 143 Bright Yellow
Growth - 129 Vivid Blue
Ice - 190 Stark Yellow
Mould - 69 Hot Magenta
Mud - 57 Deep Azure
Sand - 149 Stark Viridian
Sponge - 186 Cool Tan
Tangle - 125 Violet
Thorn - 240 Strong Slate

Cloneflower - 89 Viridian
Gladeflower - 91 Green
Ghostflower - 210 Cerulean
Spineflower - 34 Deep Yellow

Desert Sword - 132 Light Lilac
Oortian’s Staff - 168 Light Fuchsia
Rosetta Nox - 123 Lavender
Spineback Plant - 157 Bright Cerulean
Stardrop Plant - 204 Vivid Slate
Traveller’s Perch - 125 Violet
Trumpet Root - 124 Lilac
Twisted Aloba - 210 Cerulean

Branch Funnel - 249 Strong Lavender
Clustered Tongue - 58 Deep Cerulean
Glow Cap - 205 Vivid Azure
Molted Tar Spot - 58 Deep Cerulean
Tinted-Burst - 211 Azure
Weeping Waxcap - 66 Deep Lavender

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Got on for a bit and got some rift and enjoyed the pretty scenery… :slight_smile: Said in the other thread, I had planned to use my time before work to start Borderlands 3, but a new exo > everything else, so plans changed! :wink:

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Does anyone know what the colours of goo are as there probably won’t be much of anything else worth collecting plus the last exo I went to just had a repeat of colours from a previous exo so a bit of a waste of over 3000 coin.

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Ive found that if i feel like it was a wasted trip, I can usually focus on fossils and make more than my trip money back by selling to request baskets :slight_smile:


I have thought about doing that but then when I weigh it up against the cost of the forged hammer too to gather the fossils I’ve thought it would just be more cost effective to cut my losses and mine them on a lower tier planet with a much cheaper tool plus i tend to get plenty when mining gems on regular planets. The only reason I go to an occasional exo now is pretty much just to get goo and some combustion etc when I come across it. If exos are just going to repeat a few basic colours then there seems like even less reason to go to them … apart from exploring for the fun of it.


Is deep Azure bright blue grass or dark?


I’d say it was on the brighter side, but I’m not sure. I think we have grass on a T6 that is similar.



Ancient Titans once inhabited this gorgeous planet.

-Purple flowers, and moonlit mushrooms scattered across the land. Caves full of golden gleam, outerworldy rift, and kernel’s delight. All topped with sparing spots of petrolim to grow more crops.

The Titans would protect the Oortians, which lived in sky-scraping mountain-sized mansions.

In return, the Oortians would upkeep the land around them.

But one day, an Oortian found the Titan’s Gate. An area that no one dared to enter, even after centuries.

Every Oortian went to look for her, but no one ever found her and she never returned.

Legend: The Oortian had to live off of combustion particles, and rift. After consuming these substances for so long, she changed! She became a creature of the caves. She became a warp wraith.

Titan’s Gate


Goo colors will match the rock colors for the world.


They can spawn on sponge aswell, but i did not see that yet.

Ah thanks good to know, that never occurred to me.

Sorry I didn’t take as many, this one spawned before bedtime :<


Im just now getting the chance to mine here and already got 300 rift in the first 30 mins. Still plenty of rift for those who need.

Wow, that’s more than I’ve ever gotten in my game time. Damn.


Glad to hear it, I was wondering if I should pay for the jump or not

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Pretty much right where I landed. I havent branched out any where yet.


Awesome, thanks for the visual

A few more, some neat caves and cute (but deadly!) critters! :slight_smile:

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