Killing Time, Shopping For Coffers

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I knew I would have a few hours to play boundless today and I wasn’t in the mood for anything in particular, so I was browsing around BUTT looking for some loot. That’s when I noticed that a ton of cobalt was stacking up at (or below) my threshold price for some mass crafting.

Click here for BUTT pic

So, I went shopping, quite a bit of running around really. I bought a bunch of stuff, and filled up all of the mixers in my main shop with ingredients for making a ton of channeling oil. Well, a couple of tons.

Click here for cost numbers

I bought 60 stacks of cobalt fragments, for an average price of just under 3c each.

  • 60 x 900 = 54000 fragments at 3c each = 162k coins

I had some stuff laying around but for the sake of usable numbers let’s just say I bought 120 stacks of tallow, for 1c each.

  • 120 x 900 = 108000 tallow for 1c each = 108k coins.

I farmed the clay soil. It took 60 stacks. I had some shovels handy and I keep a soil farm near my base. I used mega speeds and regen bombs and just ground it out fast. About 2 and a half titanium hammers. 3 mega speeds, a couple of starberry pies. Most of an hour.

  • 60 x 900 = 54000, cost (supplies on hand) 6k coins.

For the sake of this write up, I want to note that I could have bought the clay soil for an average of <1c each, which we can just say would have cost 54k coins.

So let’s total this up.

Estimated Actual Costs were:

  • 162k (cobalt) + 94k (tallow) + 6k (clay) = 262k coins

Estimated Costs Buying Everything:

  • 162k (cobalt) + 108k (tallow) + 54k (clay) = 324k coins

OK so I’ve spent my coins (and my time) and filled up 30 mixers with enough ingredients to make 50 mass crafts of channeling oil in each mixer. Getting to this point took me about 4 hours, stopping to grab a snack and do whatever also.

LOL a lot of work right? It was fun traveling all over though, I saw a lot of places today. Some I’d never seen and some I haven’t seen in a long time. For those who are wondering if it was worth it, though, here are some more numbers !

This is the what:

  • 50 mass crafts x 30 machines is going to make 1500 mass crafts of 50 bottles each.

  • 1500 mass crafts of 50 units each is 75000 channeling oil.

  • 75000 oil broken down into 900s is 83.333 smart stacks.

This is the why:

  • A mass craft of channeling oil is worth 1600xp, per boundless crafting.

  • 1500 crafts x 1600 XP = 2,400,000 XP. This doubled on Pies is 4.8m XP.

  • 4.8m XP at 200k XP per level is 24 levels.

  • 24 levels is 7200 cubits.

This doesn’t hurt:

  • Channeling oil mints for 6.5c per bottle, or 9.1c with full coils (6.5x1.4)

  • At 9.1c per bottle, 75000 bottles will mint for 682,500 coin.

Click here to see coin margins

Based on actual costs above:

  • 682500c - 262000c = 420500c profit

Based on Costs Buying Everything:

  • 682500c - 324000c = 358500c profit.

I will say that there isn’t often this much cobalt on sale at once. However T6 mining produces a ton of the stuff and there’s often a lot on the market at very affordable prices. I mean this is a large example but the numbers are the same, batch by batch, even if there aren’t tens of thousands of units laying around.

Now I just hang around and spread that experience between pies for a while as the machines work through it :rofl:

Not a bad way to spend some idle time, making coins and cubits and running around a bit.


I just want to add that while I don’t usually do this over 3c/cobalt, there’s a lot of room there and right now when people are trying to level pre-update, there are still over 120k of them showing on the market at prices ranging from “nice coin profits” to “free cubits”.

Easily another 20k free cubits.


I may have been a small benefit of your project. :wink: I’ve been smashing boulders lately.

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I think at one point, someone else had hit a couple of stacks too. But I cleaned out a bunch today.

Either way, enjoy the coins!


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I easily have 60 ss of cobalt and clay and 120 of tallow… and 4.8m to check in every 5 or 6 hours this week isnt too shabby at all…

I have to eat a new pie every [edit] 200k exp gained (with max zeal) yes?
That makes it every ~9 hours or so, that’s totally happening [edit]

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Approximately yes. Have Fun :slight_smile:

I started my mixers then made this post so I’ve finished a few already :joy:

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I wish I had your mixers, I could have just left boundless on all night while I trimmed and just finished it up tonight.
But I only have 8 fully coiled and bought 48 pigment coils this week (for a goo farm I dont even have set up yet) instead…

…So 3x a day until next saturday it is :rofl:

I actually enjoy the challenge presented by hitting the times/gains right, I can even work in some mass crafting on the alts and just run a cycle all week while I hammer my brain out with c++

It’s honestly not often that I get to overload all of my mixers at once :rofl:

It’s still going to take almost 40 hours though …

Also I’m editing this to add that you don’t have to be online when you finish the craft, to collect the XP. Since it’s collected (in most cases) when you visit the machine, you can spread your machines out so that you don’t get all of the experience at once, then move along eating pies as you collect.

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Oh I know, I just like racking up hours lol

That’s actually how I normally do it too, I set it up and run a little ways off and logoff and set up another run with an alt, all staggered so I can log in back and forth as the schedule dictates.

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I think I see what you mean now with the timing thing. Still I guess that might be useful information for someone :rofl:

Also don’t forget about spark, sounds like you’re probably fine but if someone isn’t set up with mass/efficient crafting and spark and wear, the spark cost can stack up a bit.

Oh yeah I spent a good chunk buying spark just for the occasion. As soon as I saw this and remembered I had those mats I was like “that’s a brilliant idea, let’s do it”


Also this is definitely important too

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