Kindling farm best tips. Farming again after 2 years

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Hi, I haven’t setup a kindling farm in over 2 years… I’m setting a new one up and I have forgotten most of growing kindling… I want to get a lot kernels at first. thanks

This will get you the basics.

Try also searching for “farm school” someone might still have one set up.

Discourse isn’t the best for managing info like this, but it’s there. I’m not a farmer really in game but I see it’s been a few hours with no eager farmer to type it up. Figured I’d drop a pointer at least.

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Thank you so much Nightstar for the info. I will search for farm school :smile:

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This will also cover near all you need farm wise for maxing stuff.


Thank you Felos, I will check it out :smile:

There is a portal to Farm School at TNT Sorissi hub Kaos Valley


Thanks ChaosMkr1122… I will go check it out. :smile: