Kindling kernel contract 600k [completed]

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Hi guys after a lot of research I’ve found something I enjoy in game, farming.

I am willing to expand my kindling farm, right now is really small. If somebody is interested in farming some I’ve set a shop at Karnak (DK Mall). You can find the portal just next to the TNT Megahub.

I am paying 150c/each and buying 4k kernels.
I hope somebody will help me.

Thanks a lot guys!

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150c each eh? Hmm…:grin:

I like to farm. How big is your crop?

I am relative new to the game. I’ve been playing for about 2 weeks and a half and I’m paying what I can afford. It’s actually almost all the cash I have, just saving 50k to buy tools and keep going.
I wish I was some of those around who has over 20 millions and could double the offer. Unfortunately is not my case :frowning:

I could pay more and buy a smaller amount, but at a 30% crop rate and 90h to grow them if you don’t have several thousands is not really worth it to farm.

I guess I have about 300 no. I am doing the sustain method farm to avoid loosing kernels.

i have 2700 available, we can hand trade cost less money for you.

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great can we meet now at dk mall in front of TNT portal ? My char is Fiena

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i am here, idk if there is more than one portal to tnt at dkmall

Thanks a lot @Gorillastomp :slight_smile:

Thanks to those who sold me some kernels. Now it’s time to expand the farm and sow the kernels. cheers!

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Looking big! How many kindling are planted there?

3.8k aprox. And I have 5k on the storage waiting to be planted. But got work to do first, plot and dig to make room for them, crafting the gravel, all the chiseling, and I will have to farm petrolim. At least 2-3 more days of work.

Farm can be reached through karnak portal at dk mall, next to the big tnt megahub portal. Feel free to visit.

I am also rebuilding my workshop, got too many things to do :slight_smile:

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Farm is looking good, inorganic farms are a lot of work to grow and can be discouraging because of the rates but as someone who has a absolutely huge farm trust me when I say they are totally worth it i the end . Keep it up.

Nice! If you’re setting it up for 35% crop / 100% see that’s a decent 4840 shreds per full harvest, that’s gonna taste good :ok_hand:

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Thanks for the encouragement guys ! Yes it’s set at 35% / 100% I hope to have a decent harvest :slight_smile:

By the way, my farm even being really small compared to the monstrous I’ve seen around (150k+ kernels) it starts to require too much time if I want to micromanage it.

I started using fertiliser on all crops and harvesting crops one by one when I saw it mature.

Now I am thinking of aoe harvesting and I am not sure if fertilising will be worth it when aoeing as the jump in cicles is so random.

When do you decide to harvest ? When you see for example at least 90% of them mature or you wait until 100% are?

who has 150k kernels because I need to see it. Also for harvesting I run a 8 day cycle so there’s a fully grown crop everyday.

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I don’t rememebr the city where I saw that. I was looking for fertilizer when I found that mega farm.

I just remember that it took me over 15 min to cross it. Morover it had two floors. It was huge. I guess that farm was made by a guild because I doubt a single player can manage that.

I’ll tell you the location if I happen to find it again.

I’m selling Kindling Kernals for 150 per if anyone else is buying. XD

Come to dk mall, in front of tnt megahub portal. i’ll get some more :slight_smile:

After some hours of hard work, farm is set up. Next turn is combustion particle farm floor. I’d like to expand it to the same size.