Kindling Shred Balancing

I love Kindling Shred, got my farm up and I want to use it a lot !

I noticed that the ratios and numbers look a little odd to me:


I want to use Kindling Shred to improve my fuels…after all I have built a farm and harvested it! However, I noticed that the cost for mass crafting Kindling Shred is always the same for all materials but doesn’t output the same amount of fuel.

In effect this makes it so that you get less spark per shred depending on the material. Since I want to use my farm and have it be an impact to my fuels…this feels bad and punitive. I loose if I infuse my Peat…but I love using Peat as a fuel source! It just seems so wasteful to use it on anything except Hard Coal…especially since it costs so much and takes so much time to gather.

If the formula was re-balanced to take into account the amount of fuel it offers it would look like this:


So to mass craft Peat, it would take 6 shred, but you would be getting the same ratio (approximately) as you do when you use Shred on Hard Coal.

I would love to have Shred be used more. I would love to have it have a better feel in game when you use it.

Happy to answer any questions. I know the numbers above are rough and might not work perfectly…but even a move in the direction of having it ramp with Shred cost would be amazing.


Probably devs think it in the other way, Like you are adding peat or coal to the kindling and it you see it that way the numbers makes more sense.

But I definitely like more your idea. Right now I just have my kindling stored in a chest and use it some times for concrete and that’s all


Tbh I use kindling to make the more advanced of the fuel to use in my furnaces. For the spark I use compacted peat or coals.

I would never use kindling to put in as spark. I feel like it would be a waste of a hard to obtain resource


Does the max kindling fuel gives you more heat or speed?

I usually go with hard coal for furnaces since is the one that burns faster (from the fuels I have)

Enchanced Hard Coal is 6.6x faster in furnace vs 3x faster for regular hard coal compact.

It ups the speed across all the items though.

Heat /Spark is the same ratio.

If you use it in a furnace to get the extra cook time/heat out of it. That is the same ratio of using it for spark and getting the extra spark/faster spark conversion time.

It works out to be the same regardless which way you use it.

You always just get less if you use it on peat vs the other materials.


I use Compact Peat for Spark and I use Wood in furnaces.

I don’t need to cook things quickly, so I just use wood because it doesn’t matter how long it takes for my factory. I am loading it up once a day anyway.

Using Compact Peat, I would like to get more spark out of it and have a better ratio for spark. Right now, using Shred on Compact Peat is a big loss and I don’t think it should be.

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Yeah, like Tagris said, it’s 6.6x faster

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Hmm, funny this… because…

I feel using kindling as fuel FOR ANYTHING as a gigantic waste of a hard to obtain resource!

Then again I sell concrete, have around 15k plants and still I do not have enough shreds to keep my shop stands filled all the time.

So when I read the title I thought “yes! a rebalancing of kindling! need higher yields!!” :smiley:

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I do use it to make my own concrete lol. Only need a tiny portion to keep some of my furnaces fueled. Lol