[Kol Hyra] --[T6 - Fierce Blast Sovereign World]-- [Expired]

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-------------------[Sovereign Details]-------------------
Owner : @NerArth
Permissions : Yes Visit | Yes Edit | Yes Claim
--------------------[:earth_africa: World Details]--------------------
ID : 4983
Name : Kol Hyra
Type : Blast
Tier : T6 - Fierce
Atmosphere : Lvl 5 Volatile (4 levels)
Size : 3km (34 Regions)
Liquid : ▲ Water | ▼ Lava
Region : EU Central
------------------[:compass: Distance Details]------------------
1 blinksecs from Cardass
Warp Cost : 100c
Portals : Ultima Cardass (Portal 8)
---------------------[:stopwatch: Time Details]---------------------
Appeared August 25, 2022 12:38 PM
Last until September 24, 2022 12:38 PM
Will Renew : No

Initial Resources

------------[Embedded World Resources]------------

Rank Resource Name Absolute Count Percentage Average Per Chunk
1 Iron Seam 5,342,332 32.11% 144.92
2 Coal Seam 4,279,969 25.72% 116.10
3 Ancient Tech Component Seam 2,212,482 13.30% 60.02
4 Hard Coal Seam 1,364,038 8.20% 37.00
5 Medium Fossil Seam 1,024,131 6.16% 27.78
6 Titanium Seam 640,149 3.85% 17.37
7 Large Fossil Seam 617,574 3.71% 16.75
8 Ancient Tech Device Seam 405,842 2.44% 11.01
9 Silver Seam 341,262 2.05% 9.26
10 Diamond Seam 204,702 1.23% 5.55
11 Gold Seam 202,504 1.22% 5.49
12 Ruby Seam 3,465 0.02% 0.09

--------------[Surface World Resources]--------------

Rank Resource Name Absolute Count Percentage Average Per Chunk
1 Basic Boulder 114,943 31.71% 3.12
2 Boulder Tower 96,330 26.58% 2.61
3 Beanstalk Boulder 44,880 12.38% 1.22
4 Weeping Waxcap Fungus 20,063 5.54% 0.54
5 Tapered Boulder 17,586 4.85% 0.48
6 Combustion Fraction 15,229 4.20% 0.41
7 Tuber Plant 9,782 2.70% 0.27
8 Boulder Ring 7,972 2.20% 0.22
9 Glow Cap Fungus 6,053 1.67% 0.16
10 Tinted-Burst Fungus 4,521 1.25% 0.12
11 Boulder Chip 3,990 1.10% 0.11
12 Mottled Tar Spot Fungus 3,869 1.07% 0.10
13 Trumpet Root 3,336 0.92% 0.09
14 Starberry Vine 3,152 0.87% 0.09
15 Clustered Tongue Fungus 2,779 0.77% 0.08
16 Desert Sword 2,538 0.70% 0.07
17 Kranut Plant 2,170 0.60% 0.06
18 Traveller's Perch 1,134 0.31% 0.03
19 Oortian's Staff 1,127 0.31% 0.03
20 Spineback Plant 1,004 0.28% 0.03


Update Link

Edit: I’ve now made a portal available to the world, located at the Ultima Network Cardass hub.

Old post

Probably won’t renew this world. Colours aren’t finalised but I already have fixed decisions for some blocks, namely gravel and igneous/sedimentary rocks.

Suggestions for other colours may be accepted, including gleam.

A “few” world screenshots of how the world is right now, inside the spoiler below.

(Also thank you for replies on other thread earlier, and thanks to the tool developers)

Initial Screenshots

For a minute I thought this was an exo and I was like “oh wow what?” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Then I saw it was @NerArth and now I’m researching whether or not “kol huroo” actually means anything :rofl:

I might try and catch you in discord tomorrow, I’ve yet to do this and I’m interested in your experience with it.


All right, lol

Not sure how actually relevant this is (if they knew) but not a bad choice for a T6 heh. Sounds nasty :scream:

Went to look deeper


Aaaaaand that’s enough :smirk:


purely out of curiousity … whilst it’s still around @NerArth … what colour is that meta rock?

Well there have been one or two Kol something exos I remember seeing actually. :thinking:

Interesting about the droids. :stuck_out_tongue:

The current meta colour is Cool Red if I’m remembering my selection correctly. That or Ashen Red, but I’m pretty sure it’s Cool since it’s brighter. Igneous is Silk Cobalt and sedi is Dark Berry. The current gleam colour is just the same as Kol Huroo.

I’ll likely be finalising colours tonight or tomorrow morning, so if there’s a colour/block you would like and which can be picked, you can say so.

Also, resource-wise.

The world is better than I expected considering the reported ore counts. It’s not as good as other sovereigns but is still better than Kol Huroo, especially when planet sizes are considered. I made about 2 and a half SS of diamonds in the time of one durability pie and 8 SS of coal, I think it was. If I hadn’t made this planet for the colours I’d be tempted not to lock the colours in and just dig without block drops.

It does have a fair few plants in the forest areas, though the terrain overall is not the best for gathering plants.

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Well … since you aaaaaasked :wink:



Cold Berry meta is probably acceptable for me so I can do that for you. I prefer warmer tints overall but it’s still a nice colour for marble.

I’m surprised nobody wants to pick the gleam. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Sadly, I’m not seeing this tint available for metamorphic colours. Any second choices? Ashen Berry would be the closest available on that colour.

Not that many available actually. :thinking:


Seemingly available meta colours


So many people have invested (time/coin/design/whatever) into cold berry because it’s ‘naturally available’ that if it ever comes in metamorphic, it might actually be celebrated more than white meta would be.


Yeah that makes sense. I personally like Cold Berry quite a bit from the short time I tried living on Houchus I. It makes a nice accent colour and White actually looks a bit too detached from every other colour in the game to me so I also have always liked it as a substitute.

Currently I have some Cold Berry accents in my pyramid build, because they contrast Luminous Red nicely while keeping the brightness.

Edit: I’ve locked in the colours now

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All good, folks … I was definitely asking with hope in hand, and tongue in cheek … but whilst hope springs eternal, it wasn’t to be this time.

Also … why on earth was that message flagged by anyone? :exploding_head:

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Flag Fairies getting a bit too bored? :thinking:

And yeah, I’m sorry that it wasn’t available. :frowning: I wouldn’t have minded the Cold Berry choice at all myself.

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I did some hunting on Kol Hyra today so that I could have some extra shards to fuel a portal to it from Cardass. Also generally gathered surface resources like glowcaps/waxcaps and took more shots of the views.

And landscape shots from last night. Really love most of the cave/sliced mountain generation.


Ah those poor, poor wildstock :smirk:


Some final screenshots of Kol Hyra, which is expiring tomorrow. I really liked a lot of views on this world. There may be other interesting screenshots but for now I think these will be the last ones, at least until I feel like digging through the folder.

The colour changing cycle happened about a week before the end-time and I did decide to use it and make small alterations of tones.

Panoramics screenshots first, they’re a bit fatter in size than usual shots.

Some regular old screenshots.