My creations are located on Lleb (US West) @ -975.56, 65.90, -1086.51
Start from the Capital and SWIM NW. Just stay in the water to easily find your way. Takes about 5 mins.

The Labyrinth is fully completed with the entrance located near the two “red” towers.

My Castle is above the maze and is 90% finished. Im waiting for decorative blocks, door/stairs to complete it 100%


That’s incredible.


Wow… Man thats just… Wow…


Amazing! You’ve been really busy! LOVE the maze bits! Wow! Thanks for sharing, @Xeverius! I’ll have to stop by there to check these out!

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It looks so good! :dizzy_face:


Coming along just great!

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looks so amazing :heart_eyes:

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This looks fantastic. I also plan on creating a labyrinth sometime soon. :smile:

Might I ask: What are those blue glowing blocks that you built with?

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Thanks for all the comments, it means a lot :sunglasses:

@PendragonTheNinja The blue glowing blocks are called Crystal and can be found on the server, SAPTU. You can also spent a few hours searching every server for blocks you don’t have.

Nice! Thank you! :smile:

We really need some sort of comprehensive list of all blocks in the game, their properties, and where they can be found. That would be very helpful.

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