Lack of creature trophy drops


Are you all still getting creature trophies? I have not got a one in a few days from my hunts. Wondering if I am just having super bad luck or if something is broken.


What planet?


Did you possibly change to a different skill page/alt with no luck points?


Different ones. Mostly T3s. I know I shouldn’t get as many but it is unusual for me to get zero.


Nope. I checked that first thing to make sure.


Can’t get trophy’s below lvl 4 planets


Only mobs from higher level meteors will drop trophies on T3 planets, so the chance of getting any is pretty low even with a large group.


That is strange. I have in the past. i guess they changed something and I wasn’t aware.


Yea the meteors I was getting were only lvl 1 and 2. I just wasn’t aware that they fixed it so it didn’t drop off stuff on lower ones. I know I use to get them. Normally I hunt/gather on all the different levels planets but been doing meteor hunting solo so been T3.


They havent changed it. It just depends which mobs spawn from those meteors, occasionally even a lvl 1 or lvl 2 will spawn a few of the right mobs.


Have a look on the knowledge screen and you will see which types of mobs drop them.