Lacking guild buffs

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Two of my six characters lack the helix that my other four characters have. All six have the same guild rank within the same guild. I tried removing memberships and reinstalling memberships. I restarted the helix. It did not help. What can I do the give my two characters the helix shared by my other four characters?

I assume you mean that guild buffs provided by helix machine are not displayed on all of your characters.

guild rank doesn’t decide about who gets the guild buffs, only the status of the guild for your character

Let’s check a few details:
when did you join that guild?
did all of your characters join the guild at the same time?
do all of your characters have this guild set as primary? cause if you belong to a few guilds you will get buffs from the primary guild only and not from secondary ones (your primary guild is the on on top of your guild list in character menu)

also, whatever caused this problem, leaving the guild and re-joining it then removes the buffs anyway (whenever a guild is joined you don’t get buffs until the next week reset; that’s to prevent abuse of guild system by jumping between guilds for buffs that suit you on any given day)

Joining the guild could be the problem. The two characters missing the helix lost their guild membership for some undetermined reason and had to reapply to become guild members, Thus, their memberships are now less than a week old. I will wait for a week to see whether their helicis comes back.

Thus the bug was the sudden loss of membership.
Thank you

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it should work, unless they lose guild membership again

Is this asthenic or if we don’t see them they are not being applied functionally?

We are running 3 level 1 buffs and some of the alts have never left/been kicked and still do not display the icons. We have tested the whole wait a week theory and that had no impact other the expected 1 week wait to avoid guild hopping.

Did you have any success after the weekly cycle?

Some of our alts fixed, but my main hasn’t seen the buff applied. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the problem for us. We have no factions or mixed guild status.

I have removed alts from the guild and re-added with no impact on their buff status after a week. I am wondering if joining a secondary guild will exercise the variable that is wonky?

It shouldn’t matter how long ago you have joined guild. Just need to be set as primary guild before buff is activated: Guilds don’t want to cancel on going expensive buffs and that is where that week waiting time comes from.


Ah ok. We haven’t deactivated any of them and cycled to see if it applies. Its worth the cost to test to me as I am the one doesn’t get anything applied to my toons at all. I might try that one one at least.

Last night, five of my characters had lost their 3 helixes. Luckily, this morning, They have regained them without my doing anything. My 6th character, Juper, still lacks any helix even though she joined the same primary guild several months ago. Since she is my hunting character, I need for her to have the home healing and grapple/run helix. How can you fix that? Thanks.