I would assume the hold up is because of time and priority not “how it is used” and what I mentioned. I mentioned the stuff I did because I did know that I was asked that when I brought it up over a year ago. So I figured I would give the community an option to provide their view…

Also you can’t stub your toe so hard you literally die.

This is the reason I’ve been given most for not using stairs. I have head bobbing and all that turned off usually - I didn’t even know the camera would stutter in first person :rofl:

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Yeah you head bobs even with head bob off
Also, even bears get ladders

there is actually quite a lot of smoothing on stairs…

the issues is more that the players move really quick ridiculously fast and can only “step up” one bit of geometry at a time, so your speed of ascent on stairs is limited to physics update interval, and in each update the player literally immediately slams into the front of the next step, climbs ontop, then the next tick slams into the front of the next step, climbs ontop etc.

there is camera/entity smoothing so that the camera/entity dont literally snap up to the top of the step… but that too is limited by speed and with the stupid fast movement in game its forced to just start clamping or else your head ends up underground ^^


Couldn’t you further decouple the camera POV from the collision detection of the ground somehow? The camera POV already “cheats” a little with the items in your hands (like in most games) anyway