…can we get them sometime?


@ovis created one, you just need to jump. You can see one in action at dkmall



We dont need ladders, we have grapples…

That ladder at DK freaks me out. In a good way.


Not sure if it ever made it past the preliminary design stage, but maybe you’ll like Art: Ladder/Climbable surface concept

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Welcome back to the forum. I have been asked about ladders on more than one occasion by new players. In each instance, they were baffled to learn that they do not exist.


I asked about this one time and the answer I was given by the devs was: Should the player move up the ladder like you see for real (hands grabbing a run and legs moving up step by step) or should it be more like Minecraft where the player just floats up over the ladder.

Having that information might help them decide when to do this…


Floating up the ladder would be fine
Just do it! It’s been 2 years already!


I wanna see some more player animations by @gerryjacobs - let’s climb those ladders!


This one for sure! Might as well make it look good.


Levitation blocks/streams would also be good I think … sort of like water but no drowning and a lot quicker.

really hope so

Speaking of realistic vs. practical, would anyone have a problem with stairs having the exact same physics as slopes? Neither really looks realistic. Our feet don’t follow slopes- they dip into the actual block when going up and stick out as we balance on the very backs of our heels when walking down.

Staircases are often replaced by ramps in builds since nobody likes the feeling of climbing stairs and getting momentarily stuck with every other step. Scrap the realism and let us float!

I hope lattice chiselled ladders become climbable. And yes an animation for it would be nice.

Ladders! Animation please? Unless it will take forever then floating works :slight_smile:

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Surely the developer mentality must have kicked in at some point? You get the feature working that people want as an MVP (in this case moving up the ladder by just floating) and if there’s enough demand for an animation (compared to other requirements) add an animation later.

This game might be ‘released’, but for all intents and purposes it’s still feels like a beta. Might as well develop it like one.


I agree, it’s crazy if that’s the actual hold up.

Ladders would be one of the biggest game changers in boundless.


This issue has been in committee since as far back as I can remember - and I can remember back to about spring of 2017. And @Marrash 's link reminds us that the devs considered it at one point.

If they haven’t suggested that they’re working on them in over a year and haven’t teased any in-game assets by now, I wouldn’t even DREAM that these will arrive in our lifetime.

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If you mean make it so the difference between slopes and stairs where purely atheistic and they had the same collision box, then yeh I’d have a problem with that :flushed: More variety of collision boxes is a dream of mine :joy:


I think he means get rid of the stutter animation on stairs.

I prefer stairs aesthetically but I use ramps in all my hubs because of the annoying stutter animation. I presume HSE feels the same.

In real life your head doesn’t stutter on stairs. Your body adjusts to keep your head moving in a more or less straight line (try it IRL and see! If you try to make your head bounce in time with the stairs, it’s highly difficult and will make you dizzy haha) They could have the same collision detection but give the camera in first person a “smooth ride” so everyone wins!