Lag in game

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After months of playing we continue having lag problems with crowded worlds. Do you know if there is a plan to face this issue? It is getting hard to hunt with this lag that every week is getting Worst. Do you have something to comment?


I’m on PS4 and group hunts are generally the only time I lag, but the lag is bad.


I only have lag on McRib when hunting.

A few exos have crashed while Im leading hunts but usually they get back to normal after that.

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Its been around since release…

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I play on PS4 and I generally have a pretty stable connection. Even though some days are a bit harder than others. It does help a whole lot to be plugged into the routeur rather than going wireless.


Lag got really bad at the Bese hunt today. Quite a few people were having problems at the end…I felt better that it wasn’t just me. Lol.

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It’s significantly worse the past few weeks


nothing on my end

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No lag on PC for me, but I get a little lag on PS4 during hunts or when the game gets “busy”. However, I get actual game crashes when I’m mining/farming gleam with regen bombs. This happens pretty regularly (a few reports submitted already).

I’ve noticed lag has been around since console release and over time has gotten worse. #1 it’s not the internet cause I play a variety of MMO games and have zero issue… so don’t think it’s your internet. I’ve heard a lot of talk about crappy servers mostly the EU ones but the US ones are becoming bad too…@James care to investigate?

I think the main issue is that they use AWS for servers, which I understand are inferior to servers setup specifically for gaming.

Also, their servers seem to specifically have terrible peering to Comcast, the most common ISP in the United States. I got rid of Comcast and it didn’t change much for other games, but DRASTICALLY improved boundless.

But I donno.